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7 Ways to Use Your Credit Card Wisely (and Boost Your Credit)



use your credit card wisely

In this post, we’ll examine how to use your credit card wisely to boost your credit score. Using a credit card use for purchases is a straightforward and simple habit. This can be a convenient payment option if you prefer not to carry cash or if you place a premium on collecting points on your purchases. However, we require information regarding your other credit card activities. The manner in which you utilize your credit card could have a substantial effect on your credit score.

1. Read the Fine Print

  • Before Utilizing Your Credit Card, Familiarize Yourself with the Agreement
  • Before you open a new credit card account, read the credit card agreement and the account starting information. Consequently, you can plan accordingly and avoid unpleasant surprises regarding payments, fees, and interest rates.

2. Make your payments on time.

As emphasized by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), you should always make payments on time. This is due to the fact that lenders place a great deal of weight on the punctuality of your past payments. Lost or late credit card payments can have severe implications, including higher interest rates and fines.

You could set up electronic reminders or automatic payments if you wish to always make payments on time.

3. Pay more than the minimum

Each billing cycle, you can avoid late fees and other penalties by paying at least the minimum amount due on your credit card statement by the due date. A positive account balance is maintained each month by making at least the minimum payment required. However, if you only make the minimum payment each month, you will never be debt-free. Additionally, interest will be applied to the unpaid balance.

Amounts due on credit cards may appear overwhelming, but the addition of interest charges can make them feel insurmountable. If possible, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends paying off your credit card debt in full each month.

4. Never exceed your credit limit

Do not incur more debt than is absolutely necessary. Maintain a balance well below the credit limit.

Why? Credit ratings can be affected by the percentage of available credit that is actually utilized. In addition, a lower credit utilization ratio could result in a higher FICO credit score. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends utilizing no more than 30 percent of available credit.

5. Examine Statements for Accuracy

You may monitor your spending by regularly reviewing your credit card statements, either online or when they arrive in the mail. It is a great tool for selecting unfamiliar items. Additionally, it may serve as a precaution against fraud.

Contact your credit card company immediately if you detect any questionable or fraudulent activity. If you detect credit card fraud immediately, you can prevent more purchases from being made in your name.

Protect yourself from fraudulent charges with one of the numerous security measures offered by Capital One.

In the Capital One Mobile app, you can configure an instant purchase alert to be notified whenever your card is used to make a purchase.

And Eno, Capital One’s virtual assistant, protects your account by monitoring your spending and contacting you if anything seems amiss. 2

6. Report stolen/lost cards immediately

Please contact the card issuer immediately if you have lost your card or suspect that your account number has been stolen. Your previous card will be rendered ineffective by the issuing entity. Additionally, you can alert the issuer if you discover fraudulent charges on your account.

If your credit card is lost or stolen and used without your permission, you will not be liable for any resulting fees. If you have a loss, please inform someone immediately.

In the event that you lose or suspect theft of your card, locking it will prevent unauthorized use. Using the Capital One Mobile app, for instance, you may immediately lock your credit card with only a few touches. It is just as easy to open if you locate your card. 3

7. Monitor credit report closely

Always monitor your credit closely. This is wise if you want to know where you stand financially. It is also critical to detecting errors and fraudulent behavior.

Capital One’s CreditWise is a great tool for monitoring your credit. It is free and provides you with free access to your TransUnion® credit report and VantageScore® 3.0 credit score on a weekly basis. Anyone can sign up; a Capital One account is not even required. 4

You can obtain a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion). To learn more, visit

Using Credit Cards to Build and Maintain Credit

Maintaining a high credit score is essential. Utilizing a credit card responsibly is a wonderful approach for establishing credit, repairing credit, and maintaining a good credit rating.

There are credit cards for individuals with all types of credit histories. You may also apply to be added as an authorized user to an existing credit card account owned by a trustworthy friend or relative. Since many cards issuers report approved user activity to credit agencies, proper credit card use may assist in establishing or repairing credit.

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