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How to Fix an Eviction on My Credit Report



fix eviction on my credit report

What is the overall impact of an eviction on my credit report? An eviction can have an adverse effect on your score. Eviction refers to the legal process of removing a tenant from a property or the act of evicting. 

An eviction can be done by the landlord, or it can be done by a third party on behalf of the landlord. Eviction is typically used when there is a breach in the lease agreement. The landlord must give notice to the tenant that they are going to evict them and this notification should be in writing. 

The notice must include information about why they are being evicted and how much time they have to fix their issue before an eviction will happen.

To answer the question, an eviction stays on your credit report for seven years. After that, evictions are automatically removed from your credit report and rental history.

What Is the Impact of an Eviction on My Credit?

First, you need to be able to access your 3 credit reports. That way you can have an accurate picture. Credit scores can be negatively affected by evictions. Your landlord has the right to take legal action against you if you fail to make timely payments. A civil judgment will be issued against you if you are sued for unpaid rent and the landlord wins the case. Your credit history will be impacted by the civil judgment.

Even if you’ve paid off the debt, a civil judgment remains on your credit report for seven years, even if you’ve paid it off. If a prospective employer or landlord checks your credit, they may see the civil judgment on your record.

Can an Eviction on My Credit Report Be Removed?

  1. By petitioning the court, winning your case, or disputing an inaccurately recorded eviction, you can remove your eviction from your public record. This path is a little more challenging but very effective.
  2. One very effective strategy is to ask the court to remove the eviction from your record in the county where the case was filed. But you must prove that the landlord did not have a legitimate reason to serve you with an eviction notice. Your chances of winning an appeal are better if you can show that the eviction was unjustified and not the consequence of you violating your lease agreement.

It’s important, if possible, to demonstrate that you did not break the terms of your lease. For example, show that you paid your rent and that the property was left in a decent state. When feasible, provide proof. Cleared rent checks and images might be used to back up your claim.

The landlord’s process of evicting the tenant should be monitored. Regardless of the laws in your state, your landlord must follow a precise protocol when evicting you and providing you with an eviction notice.

Make sure you’re aware of the eviction laws in your state. Document any instances in which your landlord has violated the law.

What Are My Options for Getting a Civil Judgment Off My Credit History?

How can I fix an eviction on my credit report? It’s important to know just how bad a credit score affects your life. The credit bureaus will need to be notified even if you have lawfully erased your eviction from the public record. After you have removed the civil judgment from your public record, the credit bureaus will not automatically delete it from your credit report. Be careful to notify them.

In order to remove a civil judgment from your credit record, you must do the following steps:

Documentation must be obtained: Make sure you have proof that the eviction was removed from your record if you won your case. Assuming the eviction action against you has been dismissed, you should obtain proof and present it to credit bureaus.

See if your credit report has any other errors: It’s a good idea to examine your credit report while you’re having the eviction removed to see if any other inaccurate information is on there. Add more disagreements if you find any inaccuracies, whether it’s wrong dates or amounts, or debt that still shows a balance after being paid off.

Dispute with the major credit bureaus: You’ll need to file a dispute with each of the major credit bureaus that displays your civil judgment. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are the three main credit bureaus.

As the last step, It takes time and effort to remove a civil judgment or other unfair, unfavorable elements from your credit record. Follow the credit bureau’s guidelines to the letter. If you have not received a response from them after 30-60 days, send a follow-up communication.

Renting After an Eviction

You can still rent even after an eviction, but it will be more difficult. Here are a few factors that can help you secure a rental agreement.

  • Be open and honest. If the landlord understands what happened, they may help you. If you’ve resolved issues with your old landlord, inform your new landlord.
  • Provide references in addition to the background check.
  • Pay extra upfront: Take into account paying the security deposit, first and even second month’s rent while signing a lease.
  • Collaborate: A co-signer ensures the landlord that you are financially and legally supported.
  • Better credit: A strong credit score shows you can pay your payments on time.
  • Prove you can afford your rent: Prove your income and other successful payments, including auto loans.

Once accepted as a tenant, keep proving yourself by paying on time and maintaining the property. In the meantime, keep building and monitoring your credit. With time your credit will improve and you can even start thinking about owning a home instead of renting.

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