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Credit Repair Companies

Top 10 New & Emerging Credit Repair Companies



Has COVID-19 had a negative impact on you, financially? Are you now experiencing financial hardships that have impacted your credit?  It may be time to order your credit reports and dispute negative, outdated, erroneous, and incomplete information. But disputing all those items with all three credit reporting agencies and writing letters to address their responses will require a lot of time, patience, and determination. It’s no wonder people pay credit repair companies hundreds of dollars to handle the disputing process.

But not all credit repair companies are created equal. Credit repair companies use different price structures and employ unique repair strategies. Some also offer credit education programs during and after successful completion of their services. If you are considering taking the time to repair your credit yourself, first, take a look at our list of Top 10 New & Emerging Credit Repair Companies in 2020.

Advisory Credit Solution LLC

Advisory Credit Solution was created to help individuals restore their credit and provide credit  education so clients are empowered to keep their scores above average. The Mississippi based company believes everyone deserves a better chance of qualifying for lower interest rates so they can save tons of money in interest. Their goal is to educate our communities and help everyone become financially stable. We believe credit is the top priority in our communities and we stride to educate others how to use credit to their benefit versus detriment. First work fees start at $150.

Enroll & Learn More Here:

Asset Blueprint Capital ltd

The Columbus, Ohio based company is owned and operated by a licensed real estate professional with over 14 years of industry experience who has helped thousands of families.  The company’s motto is:  Let The NEXT MOVE Be The Right Move, CREDIT is essential to getting there.  Mention this article for the $149 First Work Fee special.

Enroll & Learn More Here:

Daniel Credit Repair Partners

At Daniel Credit Repair Partners, the focus is on credit education just as much, if not more, than credit repoet deletions. Although they love helping credit challenged clients, Daniel Credit Repair Partners doesnt want you back in the same situation.  This credit repair company offers clients a personalized service with regular calls from their team to keep you in the loop and on track for success. First Work Fee is $240.

For More Information:

Driftless Credit Solutions

This La Crosse, Wisconsin based credit repair company charges a simple audit investigation fee and a flat price for disputing.  Driftless Credit Solutions, has no monthly fees, which can speed up your disputing process, and save you money!  Driftless also offers free consultations, a 100% money back guarantee, a $100 Amazon gift card for wasting your time if they can’t fix your credit!

Enroll Here:

Financial Fairy Tales

Michigan-based Financial Fairy Tales educates and empowers clients nationwide in financial education, debt management, credit restoration, notary services, tax preparation, small business start up mentoring services and business credit. Owner, Ashley Johnson, founded Financial Fairy Tales because even though at one point she had the cash to rent an apartment, no one would rent to her with repossessions and an eviction.  As a creative solution, Ashley secured housing via an AirBNB rental for five months and dedicated herself to restoring her credit profile, one negative account at a time.  After improving her credit, and signing a lease, Ashley was motivated to help others also break generational poverty curses and founded Financial Fairy Tales –  where your credit nightmares transform into financial fairy tales. Services range from $300 to $1500.

Enroll Here:

Luxury Credit Solutions

Everyone makes mistakes but Luxury Credit Solutions helps people recover so they can live a life of luxury.  At Luxury Credit Solutions, customer experience comes first and consultations are free. Located right outside of Orlando, owner, Ronnie Robinson, who has a banking and insurance industry background started Luxury Credit Solutions after seeing many clients denied loans. Ronnie, a self-taught Credit Educator says, “It’s not just about getting negative items removed, it’s about improving your overall credit health.”   Enrollment starts at $149.

Enroll Here:

M.D.L Credit Solutions

M.D.L Credit Solutions provides services to those who desire to correct any credit mistakes made in the past. Based in Tampa, Florida, M.D.L. offers several package plans depending on the needs of the individual and the severity of the credit repair.  M.D.L Credit Solutions provides continued monitoring of client’s credit for a year, even after the client’s credit has been restored.

M.D.L Credit Solutions  offers several package plans.

To Enroll visit: www.

 My Next Level Credit Repair

This Antelope, California based credit repair company loves helping clients improve their credit scores so  they can qualify for the things they deserve in life. If you don’t see any improvements made in the first 90 days you get a full refund. First Work Fee only $129.00 for a limited time.

Enroll here:

New Leaf Financial Services

This Georgia based financial service company genuinely cares about clients and their financial future and makes every client’s experience personable and unique. The New Leaf team also personally contacts clients regularly to keep them in the loop and on track for success.  First work fee is $179.00.

Enroll here:

NuGenesis Consulting LLC

Located in Gulfport, MS, NuGenesis believes everyone deserves a new beginning. NuGenesis’ has great resources and advanced technology to provide top notch service fast.  And with a low $19 First Work Fee and a money back guarantee if you don’t see any improvements made in the first 90 days, there is little risk to have NuGenesis assist with credit enhancement.

Enroll Here:

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Credit Repair Companies

Nick Proffer Fighting Credit Bureaus the Right Way |



WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2020 / Good credit is a must-have for anyone who desires financial freedom, and Nick Proffer is working overtime to ensure that everyone gets a perfect credit score. Through his company, ClearMe Credit LLC, Nick Proffer offers credit restoration services by taking on credit bureaus and collection companies. Many people with bad credit have bad credit because of errors from credit bureaus and collection companies. By tackling the problem from the root, Nick Proffer can help his clients boost their credit scores and put them in a good position to get approved for loans and mortgages.

Nick Proffer runs two online businesses, and both businesses were built to solve problems. As a 28-year old entrepreneur, financial freedom is one of the things he is passionate about as well as helping people get the opportunity to travel through his free travel tips. He also has an affiliate partnership with a well-known internet entrepreneur, Tai Lopez. He helps upcoming entrepreneurs start their online business and set up their online marketing, e-commerce, and affiliate marketers.

His motivation to start a credit repair company comes from when he was in a similar situation himself. He got his first credit card, and through reckless spending, his credit score got ruined. He found himself in a terrible situation to the point that he was homeless for a while alongside his girlfriend at the time. This spurred him to start researching ways to fix his credit situation so he could get approved for an apartment. He attended a mastermind event called “Tribe of Buyers,” where he helped a friend remove negative items from his credit report. He was able to boost his friend’s score, and then he started receiving calls from other people who wanted to remove negative items from their reports. The workload became so much that he had to buy some software tools and outsourced the service fulfillment to a third-party company. He has since been able to travel all over the world utilizing credit rewards.

He turned credit restoration into a full-time job, and he kept learning from his mentors. He is working on establishing a full digital team that will be handling all the work and operate his company to the point that it can make $30,000 or more monthly. His ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to take control of their finances, leverage credit to build wealth and travel for free.

He’s also planning to start a YouTube channel where he can amplify his message and give free tips that people can make use of. Nick Proffer is a huge proponent of freedom both financially and generally in life. Nick Proffer learned everything on his own, applied the tips he learned, made mistakes, spent years practicing them till he became an expert. He also spent thousands of dollars on masterminds, courses, and mentorship programs.

Everyone and every business should be in a position to build and fix their credit so they can get access to financing and ultimately live a life of freedom. With Nick Proffer, the dream only just got closer to becoming a reality.

Learn more on his Instagram page.
Company: ClearMe Credit LLC
Phone Number: 7196715032

SOURCE: ClearMe Credit LLC

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Credit Repair Companies

Other Auto Loan Possibilities if You Can’t Find a Cosigner



Many auto lenders ask bad credit borrowers to have a cosigner, but not everyone has that type of advantage. Even if you find a cosigner, it’s not a 100% guarantee that you can drive away with a car. Luckily, there are other bad credit auto loan options for you to explore, and ways to improve your credit for when you’re ready to apply.

Get a Car Loan Without a Cosigner

If you’ve been asked to bring a cosigner when you apply for a car loan, it likely means you have a lower credit score. Cosigners help borrowers get approved for auto loans because they lend you their good credit rating, and lower your risk of default.

However, if you can’t find a cosigner, you’re not alone. Having a cosigner means finding someone that’s willing to put their good credit score on the line, and someone that has enough disposable income to qualify as a cosigner. Without a good credit score or enough income, a cosigner is no good and doesn’t improve your approval odds.

If you’re getting turned away for a car loan because you have a lower credit score and can’t find a cosigner, consider these three possibilities.

1. Give Yourself Some Time to Heal!

This may not be what you want to hear, but if your credit score is suffering and you can’t get approved for new credit, you could take some time to repair it.

Building a good credit score can be hard if you’ve never borrowed before, and it’s hard to get approved for new credit in the first place if your credit score is low. The solution? Smart credit building strategies, such as:

  • Pay down your credit cards – Your credit utilization ratio is a large part of your credit score, and it compares how much you owe on your credit cards vs. how much you’re allowed to borrow. If your credit cards are over 30% of their spending limit (or maxed out), then it’s hurting your credit. Pay down your credit cards as much as you can, and then check your credit in a month, since lenders usually report once a month. You can request your credit reports for free at
  • Consider a secured credit card – Secured credit cards are usually pretty easy to get into, because they’re secured with your own cash. To get a secured credit card, you have to provide a deposit. The size of your deposit is usually the spending limit on the card. If you close the account while there’s still a balance, your deposit covers the amount, so there’s not much risk for the lender, making them much easier to get approved for over traditional credit cards. While you have to pay a deposit, these cards are reported like traditional credit cards so they can help build your credit history.
  • Become an authorized user – An authorized user is someone that’s allowed to use someone else’s revolving credit (credit card). If you were to become an authorized user, you typically get your own credit card that’s linked to the primary borrower’s account. Any activity done on the credit card is reported on your credit reports. This can be a great way to build your credit score if you can’t get approved for credit on your own, but you need someone to agree to it.
  • Review your credit reports – Mistakes on your credit reports can cause a lower credit score, so it’s worth it to review them and make sure everything is shipshape. If you find a mistake on your reports, you can dispute it and have it corrected. All three major credit reporting agencies allow you to submit disputes online. If you find multiple errors and you’re not sure where to start, you use a credit repair company that can dispute accounts for you, for a fee.

Regardless if you choose to wait until your credit score is the highest you can get it, you can still use these credit building tips usually anytime. Additionally, one of the best things you can do for your credit score is making all of your payments on time. Avoid getting any accounts sent to collections and getting late or missed payments on your credit reports that sour your credit score.

If you needed a vehicle yesterday, though, then consider the next two bad credit auto loan options.

2. Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Other Car Loan Possibilities if You Can’t Find a CosignerBuy here pay here (BHPH) dealerships are a one-stop-shop for many bad credit borrowers. The thing that makes these dealers unique is that they utilize in-house financing, where the dealership is also your lender.

In-house financing means there’s usually no credit check, which draws many bad credit buyers to these used car lots. If you can’t find a cosigner and you’re having issues getting approved by traditional lenders, then in-house financing may be for you because a lower credit score isn’t likely to stand in your way of an auto loan approval.

BHPH dealers require a down payment, sometimes around 20% of the vehicle’s selling price. With in-house financing, interest rates tend to be higher than average. However, the large down payment requirement and a higher interest rate could be seen as the trade-offs for getting into a car loan without the credit check.

However, since the BHPH dealerships don’t generally check credit reports, their loans may not be reported to the major credit bureaus, either. This means your auto loan wouldn’t be helping to boost your lower credit score. To improve your credit score, you’d have to use other credit building strategies. But if you need a vehicle quickly and don’t have time for credit repair, then a BHPH dealer may be just what you need in the meantime.

3. Subprime Auto Loans

Where traditional car lenders typically ask their borrowers to bring a cosigner if their credit score is below their credit score requirements, subprime lenders assist borrowers with credit issues. Subprime lenders are third-party lenders who are signed up with special finance dealerships.

Subprime auto loans are reported, meaning that your timely payments can rebuild your credit score – two birds with one stone (or car loan, rather).

There are many reasons why a borrower may have less than stellar credit, so when you apply with a subprime lender, they examine the many parts of your financial health alongside your credit score. This typically means requiring that you meet a certain income level, have had a stable residency and work history, have a down payment, and a few other things that prove you’re ready to take on an auto loan.

Subprime lenders are typically more concerned about your overall stability, ability, and willingness to pay for a vehicle rather than your low credit score. If you want to repair your credit and get the car you need, then subprime financing could be your next step.

Not Sure Where to Start Car Shopping?

Looking for the right lender or dealer can be stressful, and even more so when your credit score isn’t great. If you can’t find a cosigner to give you a credit boost, you don’t have to go it alone! Here at Auto Credit Express, we’ve made it easier to get the connections you need.

We’ve gathered a nationwide network of dealerships that work with bad credit, no credit, and even bankruptcy. To get matched to a dealer in your area for free, complete our auto loan request form.

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Credit Repair Companies

Startup Launches Virtual Live DJs Painting Classes During the Global Pandemic



Paint and Sip Live, a New York-based company offers online wine-and-paint classes each week with professional instructors, live DJs, and a party atmosphere.

Although 2020 has been a tough year for some entrepreneurs, others have spotted opportunities.

In June 2020, three New York entrepreneurs teamed up to launch Paint and Sip LIVE, a Startup that offers virtual painting classes with live DJs, the only of its kind.

Faced with the global pandemic, Mike Wills, Jr., Constance McLeod-Wills, and Sharon Urena understood that people crave meaningful social interactions. The trio set out to develop an activity that enriches people’s lives while keeping them safe at home, socially distancing.

What’s the difference between Paint and Sip LIVE and other online art classes?

Other online painting classes teach you how to paint, but Paint and Sip LIVE teaches you how to paint in a party-like atmosphere featuring live music and a professional DJ.

While most painting classes tend to operate in a quiet and studious atmosphere,  Paint and Sip LIVE brings home the party. Classes feature step-by-step painting instructions of a photographed scenery and are led by a professional artist while a live DJ plays the hottest tunes. Each week, the company hosts theme nights such as Caribbean Fridays, R&B Sundays, and HipHop Saturdays. Even Halloween paint parties!

Paint and slip Event
Paint and slip Upcoming Events includes two Halloween parties.

Wills, an experienced entrepreneur who has launched and exited multiple startups, knew there was potential:

“The mix between an activity, like painting, and music has been a winning combination for Paint and Sip LIVE,” said Wills to The Scope Weekly. “Some of our guests are looking for a date night. Others are looking for a productive activity with kids or friends. We host a party while teaching genuine painting skills.”

Urena, a professional painter, welcomed the opportunity to share her knowledge.

“For me, it’s so much more than a business. It’s an opportunity to help people who may never have picked up a paintbrush to develop a creative mind,” said Urena.

About the team

Mike Wills and Constance McLeod-Wills, a husband-wife team, bring very different skills to the table. Over the last decade, Mike Wills, Jr. co-founded three New York City cleaning services, growing the businesses to earn $3+ million per year in revenue. He also co-founded a credit repair service that was once the fastest-growing credit repair company in the country, with revenue rising 500% in four months.  McLeod-Wills brings her years of project management experience for the City of New York to the table.

Sharon Urena is an accomplished designer serving as the Art Director of Paint and Sip Live, using her experience from the Parsons School of Design to guide and inspire the participants.

McLeod-Wills said, “Most of our attendees have zero or limited painting experience. They’re looking for a fun and productive night for birthdays, family events, and date nights.”

Photo credits:
Sip and Paint Live.

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