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The Top 10 Industry Leaders You Need to Pay Attention to in 2020



BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / The year 2020 has been full of a lot of surprises. From the pandemic to the downward trend of the global economy, it is as though all we receive is negative news.

Although it might seem like there’s no positive news in the world today, there are numerous entrepreneurs out there who continue to perform significant and motivational work.

This month, we put together a list of entrepreneurs from diverse industries, and we discuss their achievements so far in their respective industries. They were also keen to share advice for entrepreneurs struggling during this period. Let’s have a look:

Tony Delgado

Instagram: disruptceo

Tony Delgado is a multimillionaire tech entrepreneur who has started multiple online and software-based businesses. He has also helped thousands of individuals create their first profitable business, with his online courses, conferences, and consulting programs, all from the comfort of his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tony is an internet personality who is mostly known for his work in Puerto Rico’s Entrepreneur & Startup ecosystem. He is also a TEDx Keynote Speaker and the mastermind behind many of the most successful brands.

Apart from all of these, Tony founded Disrupt Puerto Rico, an annual conference series focused on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has collaborated with influencers like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Gerard Adams, John Mallot, John Lee Dumas, Jason Capital, and Charlie Rocket and worked with brands like Armani, IBM, Google, Steve Madden, Marvel Comics, Whole Foods, LG and K-Swiss.

Recently, Tony hosted a live webinar with comedian George Lopez to launch Wall Street University: a program that helps anyone make money in the stock market!

Advice for entrepreneurs struggling during this pandemic:

“Keep moving forward. This is the best opportunity in the world to get ahead of your competition. While others are retracting you must expand! “

Patrick Duong

Instagram: patrickduong

Patrick Duong is a dynamic, results-oriented entrepreneur with a unique blend of experience in both investments and the health and wellness space. His career has taken him from being a senior executive with the largest health club in the world to being the Chief Executive Officer at Talent Evaluation Group, running a single-family office.

Patrick is also a keynote speaker and serves as a business strategist to shareholders, hedge funds, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and private credit strategies on strategy, operations, risk management, compliance, and marketing

Things haven’t always been this smooth for Patrick. In 2016, he experienced a huge failure which almost resulted in a death sentence, but he didn’t let it hold him back. In hindsight, that was the biggest and most beneficial lesson in his life.

Recently, Patrick’s firm added a few investors from private equity firms, venture capitalists, athletes, artists, and even a few celebrities. Although the health and wellness industry has been heavily affected by Covid-19, Patrick believes investors with deeper pockets will create more stability within the industry.

Also one of his start-ups has already received the funding that it needs to scale and they are excited to fully launch different product lines ranging from supplements, apparel, fitness apps, and over fifty CDB products all under his umbrella.

Advice For Businesses During This Pandemic:

Patrick’s Advice for businesses during this period is simple, Don’t Survive, Thrive. ⁣

“Innovation has always thrived in hard times. Desperation forces people to question the status quo. In good times, people may be less inclined to rock the boat, but when investors and customers are bolting for the doors, you have no choice. That’s probably why some of the world’s great companies were founded during recessions, businesses such as General Electric, IBM, Disney, Microsoft, and Adobe.⁣

⁣One of the world’s most successful innovators, Apple, wasn’t founded during a recession, however, the same principle applies. When Steve Jobs returned to take the reins in 1997, Apple was facing a crisis: too many products, too little focus, not enough revenue. What saved the day? Steve Jobs shaved Apple’s product lines by 70 percent.

⁣⁣The main reason many companies fail is lack of focus. They start off doing one thing well, and then get attracted to – or distracted by – other opportunities. This is called the shiny object syndrome. Some may be successful, others not.

To stay true to your strategic core, you could do worse than look at the process of strategic turnarounds. Once a company has accepted that it has lost its way, a successful turnaround requires an extraordinary commitment to self-analysis, questioning, reflection, and day-to-day change.

It takes courage to admit that your company needs to reverse course. But successful turnarounds require everyone involved facing the brutal truth. Recession is Opportunity⁣.” – Patrick.

Patrick’s Collage Photo Credit: Johnathan Nguyen.

Justin Saunders

Instagram: justinjaysaunders

Justin Saunders is an entrepreneur and the founder of New Age Media; an advertising agency that specializes in the pain management industry. He also is the founder of Agency on Autopilot, which helps agency owners scale their business.

Over the years, Justin has coached over 200+ entrepreneurs on running advertising agencies and has helped dozens of people become financially independent via Facebook ad management for local businesses.

Right now his agency is completely automated and he only spends about 5 hours a week maintaining it. This has given him enough time to focus on his real passion, teaching.

This is why he has shifted his focus to his education program called Agency on Autopilot. With this, Justin has taught quite a number of people how to build an automated advertising agency that yields $10,000+ monthly. This, in turn, brings financial freedom to his students.

Advice for entrepreneurs struggling during this pandemic:

“If you’re not making a living online yet, it’s important that you start making moves. Everything that’s happened in the last quarter has proven that you need to be online to be relevant.

We live in a digital world and you need to get your brand out there for everyone to see online. It’s the digital age, so why not take advantage of it!”

Landon Murie

Instagram: Landomania

Landon Murie is a dynamic entrepreneur and the founder of Goodjuju, a marketing and SEO agency that helps property management companies get more online exposure.

This niche focus allows his firm to be really good and specific about how they get results. Apart from this, they also design stunning websites, optimize local SEO, and handle reputation management for property managers. Years ago, Landon started a property management company with his father and in order to grow their firm, he got into marketing and SEO.

Landon got obsessed with both concepts and became an expert. And of course, these came with a lot of benefits; more clients came through their doors, an enhanced digital footprint, and also improved SEO.

But with their unprecedented rate of growth, he realized later on that he couldn’t manage the company anymore and things got out of hand. Eventually, his property management firm shut down.

Although things didn’t work out with his property management firm, Landon decided to combine his experiences from his failed business and his expertise in digital marketing to form a new firm that caters only to the marketing needs of property managers around the world. Thus, Goodjuju was formed in 2018, and has been growing faster than ever in 2020! So far, Landon’s company has helped several dozen firms achieve success and growth with their digital marketing campaigns.

Advice for entrepreneurs struggling during the pandemic:

“Right now, I think every entrepreneur should embrace the new normal. A lot of things have changed and the way we operate as business owners have taken a turn, for some it might be the start of a new era and others the end of something great.

You shouldn’t let the struggle around you dictate how you’ll come out in the end. You likely have a lot of extra time right now, so use that to your advantage by learning more, focusing more, and getting ahead while others are making excuses!”

Jackie Zuk

Instagram: jackiezuk

Jackie Zuk(JZ) is an entrepreneur who helps clients get “on the scene” where it matters. She has amassed hundreds of thousands of social media connections and loyal followers all looking for the latest trends, fashion, inspiring products, and cutting edge business ventures.

Originally from New York, Jackie relocated to Boston in 2014 and has been blazing a trail ever since. Now Based in Everett, MA, she is the CEO of NEXTonSCENE Media LLC, Editor in Chief of NEXTonSCENE® magazine, podcast broadcaster for “NEXTonSCENE® with JZ”, and a producer of high-quality promotional events and PR campaigns.

Although Jackie has been able to achieve a lot these last few years, it’s not always been rosy. 6 years ago, when Jackie moved to Boston From New York, she didn’t know anyone other than her husband. This made it difficult for her to build a lot of connections.

Within the space of 6 years, Jackie has been able to launch her podcast and grow it to 500,000 listens to date, build a full multifaceted digital marketing & media agency, create widely acclaimed fashion shows and trade shows and helped thousands of people across the world achieve success.

Right now, the world is going through a lot of changes due to the pandemic and recent unrest. Due to this, Jackie came to the decision to reschedule her annual fashion show as it wouldn’t have much of an impact hence the rules & regulations placed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

But this hasn’t stopped her digital marketing agency from growing, now more than ever a lot of businesses have called on her to help revive their brand through Expert digital marketing campaigns.

Jacob Joseph

Instagram: Jjaythebeardedbarber

Jacob Joseph aspired to become a barber after graduating from college. He pursued this dream until it became a reality. And today, he is known as “Jjaythebeardedbarber” on social media.

For the last three years, Jacob has given his clients premium experience each time they sit on the chair for a makeover. Each haircut gives them a confidence boost unlike no other they’ve experienced before, giving them the drive to go on and pursue their goals with a fresh look.

After Jacob accomplished his dreams of becoming a barber, he was able to grow his Instagram account from less than a thousand followers to a whopping hundred thousand followers. Also, he’s been blessed to be able to be working with one of the top clipper companies in the industry, Gammaplusna.

In Jacob’s pursuit of dominating the haircutting industry, he recently came out with his own razors which have helped soar to the summit of the haircutting industry.

Also, he is working on creating a brand/product line soon. To stay in the loop, be sure to follow him on all his social media accounts. You’ll be thrilled!

Advice for entrepreneurs experiencing struggle during the pandemic:

“The best advice I can give businesses is to use the downtime we have because of Covid-19 to learn some new skills. It could be social media, video editing, interpersonal skills, or expanding client services.

Focus on skills that will benefit you as an individual and enhance your client’s experience. Structure a game plan for what you are going to be doing after this is all over. Consume knowledge by reading books and seeing what others did during similar situations.

Take advantage of all the grants, loans, and money that are being offered to help businesses during this time. And most importantly, stay positive and continue to work towards your goals.”

Narley Karikari

Instagram: narleyk

Narley Karikari is Board Certified Life & Mindset Coach who specializes in hypnotherapy & neuro-linguistic programming.

She assists seasoned female entrepreneurs in uncovering & releasing the subconscious blocks that create procrastination & self-sabotage in their life, so they can gain more clarity, confidence & sales online! She’s able to achieve such feats using her D.R.E.A.M Method guaranteed!

The female entrepreneurs she serves are breaking through income ceilings, visibility blocks when it comes to speaking on camera and gaining massive confidence to launch their services and products consistently online.

Her practice is focused on solving the root cause of self-sabotaging tendencies, imposter syndrome, and the deeper fears women experience when desiring to expand their comfort zone and grow their business. Narley K Coaching is 100% online and offers international service, with all coaching sessions taking place on Zoom.

Narley prides herself with the growing impact her platform has been experiencing. She coaches clients situated in Continents like Australia and Europe from her home base in Toronto, Canada. This motivates her to serve more women and stay consistent.

Narley is currently offering an amazing 6-week transformational program for new or seasoned female entrepreneurs who are tired of sabotaging their goals, hiding their gifts, and leaving money on the internet table. It’s called “Frustrated 2 Flourishing – 6 Weeks to Clarity, Confidence & Cashflow”

Doors open July 22nd and anyone interested can follow her on the social media platform Instagram at narleyk – closely to learn more about this program that will give them the tools, techniques, and psychology-based strategies to remove limiting beliefs, overcome imposter syndrome and master their money mindset!

Outside of this program, she also offers single sessions, and a 3-month program for long term support:

Advice for businesses experiencing problems during this pandemic:

“My most important piece of advice to other entrepreneurs is to set an intention every day to be more courageous than the day before, to set goals that excite you and to reprogram their subconscious mind sooner than later, so they aren’t working from out-dated thought patterns and beliefs.

My wish for everyone I meet is for them to understand how powerful they truly are, and that everything is available for them, 100% of the time! All we must do is decide that it is.

Always remember, you make a difference in the world through your business so don’t give up!”

Zoey Bullock

Instagram: bettychronix

Zoey Bullock is an expert energy healer, spiritual mentor, and plant medicine advocate. Her experience with her first spiritual awakening gave her a purpose and this was to heal people and help them embrace their true gifts.

Over the years, her personal healing journey inspired her business expansion from e-learning consulting for healers to becoming a healer herself.

Today, Zoey’s personal brand has given her a voice to create meaningful change in the world. She has successfully learned how to heal from trauma and help others decode their own transformations amongst other accomplishments.

She now offers virtual cosmic healing sessions where she incorporates energy healing and divine intelligence channeling to help her clients understand their soul purpose and master their energetic codes.

Advice for entrepreneurs experiencing struggle during the pandemic:

“Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas, especially if you are feeling called to make an impact. Your business should be an extension of who you truly are, where this is an incredibly healing time for us to do the inner work and understand our true gifts.

The world is shifting constantly, where we have the opportunity to innovate, even if that means starting from ground zero. Be willing to strive through the discomfort, and trust your internal guidance to lead the way!”

Alec Martin

Instagram: astylealive

Alec Martin (Astyle Alive) is a self-made successful entrepreneur. Over the course of the last 10+ years, Alec has founded and owned, 6 businesses. His current business ventures include Real Estate, Credit Repair, and a new endeavor Tranquil Store, an e-commerce CBD business.

Alec has focused his growth on overcoming the stress and anxieties that come with being a business owner. He focuses his efforts on ensuring that each business is a stepping stone for his family and his legacy. Alec started his entrepreneur journey at the age of 18 and has grown with each business. He enjoys helping others in their journey and sharing his successes with others.

In a recent interview, Alec stated that his greatest business accomplishment is putting his best foot forward, not looking back and fighting his best fight through every hurdle and obstacle that I have faced.

Alec has met every endeavor with determination, dedication, and bravery, with a giving and helping backing. While standing tall and achieving a remarkable journey over the last decade, it hasn’t always been a smooth road.

The road to success is filled with blood, sweat, and tears, along with a lot of overthinking, falling, and learning. Despite all Alec continues to put God first each day and in every situation. His family remains to be the constant motivation and inspiration behind the man.

Over the course of the last few months, Alec has been working on launching a premium CBD brand. The good news is that preparations are finally over and the brand will be launching next week. The brand is known as Tranquil Store; a premium website and brand that specializes in CBD products focusing on athletes, fitness professionals, outdoor adventurers, and celebrities.

Tranquil Store is currently looking for premium brand ambassadors as well as influencers who would be a good fit for a partnership. You can sign up to be notified when the store opens at Everyone involved is excited about this new brand coming to the CBD industry and the impact it will make on the lives of many.

Advice for entrepreneurs struggling during this pandemic:

“The best piece of advice Alec can give to anyone now is that not everyone has your best interest, time waits for no-one and failure is not an option.

Yes, you might fall several times during this period, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Fall seven times and get back up 8.”

Billy Alvaro

Instagram: unstoppableba

Billy Alvaro is the president of Max Returns Real estate investment, A coach at Flip Masters, and the host of “Real Estate Investing Radio” on 103.9 FM. Billy has vast experience within the lending and real estate investing industries.

He is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and practitioner of the law of Increase. Billy has started and built multiple organizations with a combined 1.3 BILLION dollars worth of volume on an annualized basis.

His firms have been involved with over 11,700 real estate transactions and he has been awarded businessman of the year by the Columbia Association -136th fastest growing privately held company in America by INC 500 and Top 40 Business Person Under the Age of 40 by Long Island Business News.

His passion in life is to make deals happen and to coach and mentor entrepreneurs and real estate investors on how to do the same.

Right now his firm is expanding its reach into new geographic markets including the southeast and Midwest. They are also entering larger apartment acquisitions to hold in our portfolio.

Advice for businesses experiencing struggles during the Pandemic:

“It’s a little late to comment on what you should have done – as we are 4 months in but cost-cutting was the number 1 thing I did for me firm. We chopped 72k a month in expenses.

The second thing was adapting to the new way of doing business – we closed our physical locations and went 100% virtual. It’s a little late, but it’s better late than never.”


Company: DigitalEliteMedia
Contact Person: Samuel Sope
Location: Baltimore, MD
Email Address:

SOURCE: Naijablogguy

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What Is Identity Theft? |



Advertiser Disclosure


Identity theft is a major problem. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were more than 650,000 victims of identity theft in 2019, making ID theft the most-reported type of FTC complaint.  Chances are good that you will encounter identity theft in your lifetime. That was the case for at least 1 in 10 Americans ages 16 and older in 2016, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Protecting your identity and privacy should be a priority for you, and knowing what identity theft is can help you prepare. There are many different types of ID theft, which can make safeguarding your personal information even more important—and more difficult. Let’s look at some of the most common examples of identity theft and what you can do to manage the risks.

Defining Identity Theft

The term “identity theft” is used a lot, often interchangeably with “fraud.” Though many instances of identity theft are committed for fraudulent reasons, the two are slightly different. If you are a victim of identity theft, you want to catch it before it becomes fraud.

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC), identity theft is “the knowing transfer or use, without lawful authority, of another person’s identity with the intent to commit, aid, or abet unlawful activity.” In simpler terms, ID theft is the act of stealing another person’s information, like through mail theft, phishing, card skimming, unsecure Wi-Fi or a data breach. Fraud is when a criminal illegally uses that information for their own gain.

The NCVC calls the latter “identity fraud,” which encompasses crimes like credit card fraud, medical fraud, and Social Security number theft. Identity fraud can be financially driven, but is also committed out of other motivations. Someone might try to steal your passport or driver’s license information to travel unnoticed by law enforcement, for example.

Whether an ID thief uses your credit card or medical insurance, the cost to you can be big. Javelin Research found that the 2018 out-of-pocket costs for victims of identity theft were $1.7 billion.

Different Types of Identity Fraud

As a popular saying goes, “Know your enemy.” Let’s take a closer look at identity fraud types and preventative measures you can take to prepare yourself and protect your finances.

1. Credit Cards

Credit card fraud is by far the most prevalent type of identity theft, according to FTC numbers.

You probably store your credit card information with different vendors or subscription services. If you used your card once at a retail store, they’ll still have your information on file. If a data breach occurs at one of those businesses, someone may gain access to your credit card number and begin to make fraudulent purchases.

While it may be easier to catch a fraudulent charge on a card you have, it could be harder to spot a new account in your name. In the meantime, hard inquiries and high credit utilization due to fraud could wreck your credit score.

ExtraCredit, Reward Smart Financial Decisions. Learn More

What you can do: Requesting a chargeback might help you avoid paying for specific fraudulent transactions, but checking your credit report will show you if the problem is deeper. Sign up for ExtraCredit to keep an eye on your credit report and scores at the same time to make sure that fraudulent accounts aren’t being opened or used. You can also request your free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies once a year to keep close control over your identity and credit profile. If you notice anything fishy, request a freeze immediately and file a report with the FTC.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, you can currently review your credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus for free each week, through April 2021.

2. Loans and Leases

Somebody with your personal information might try to apply for a loan online. Fraudsters may then be able to get financing to buy a car or real estate. The FTC has also reported fraud instances related to student loans and payday loans.

Loan application fraud is a challenge to track, but the impact is someone racking up debt in your name. When creditors come calling, it won’t be the thief who has to answer the phone.

What you can do: As with credit card fraud, regularly check your credit reports to watch for red flags. If you spot something, immediately contact the responsible financial institution. You may also want to file a police report or contact the office of the attorney general for your state. If you are the victim of loan/lease fraud, consider using credit repair services to help you recover.

3. Phones and Utilities

Mobile takeover fraud is a complicated scheme, but it’s a growing problem. Basically, it involves a fraudster using your information to access your smartphone and then lock you out. In the meantime, they can use your apps, read saved documents, or scam others by impersonating you. They might also harvest your personal and financial information that you have saved. The same might happen for an electricity or water account: A criminal finds a way in and consumes services that are ultimately billed to you.

The common theme with identity theft here is that if someone has your info, they can do just about anything with it. This includes opening up utility accounts in your name, getting free electricity, gas, water, internet or cable.

What you can do: Maintain strong passwords for all the accounts you have. If you need to, use a password manager to help you keep track of all the complex log-in credentials. Never, ever make your passwords using personally identifiable information, like a pet, birthdate, or home street. Should something happen, immediately contact your service provider.

4. Tax Fraud

Come tax time, a refund is a happy surprise for some Americans. Others may get a nasty shock when they’ve learned someone has claimed their return before they even file their taxes. Tax fraud typically occurs when someone has stolen your Social Security number, which they can then manipulate to falsely file a return and claim your refund.

What you can do: Under no circumstances should you give your SSN to anybody but trusted entities like the government, your bank, or your credit card company. Be wary of scammers posing as the IRS who will call or email you demanding your SSN information. This is a surefire sign of fraud. You can also opt to file your taxes early, thereby eliminating the opportunity for thieves to file for you and claim your return.

The IRS recommends watching out for various scams. If you believe you’ve been a victim, file a report on, call the IRS at 1-800-908-4490, and complete and submit the identity theft Affidavit.

Taking the Next Steps to Protect Your Identity

Identity theft is a constant threat, so you’ll always need to be on your toes.

Guard It from ExtraCredit provides you with proactive alerts, dark web monitoring, account monitoring, and $1 million in ID theft insurance.  Sign up today or read more articles about identity theft and fraud.

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China to take steps to improve bad faith deterrent mechanism_英语频道_央视网(



BEIJING, Nov. 26 — China will adopt policy steps to optimize the mechanism for deterring acts of bad faith and refine the social credit system to underpin the development of the socialist market economy, the State Council’s executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.

“In recent years, China’s social credit system has continued to develop. A market economy relies on credit, and a credit-based economy must follow the rule of law. Work in this regard shall be effectively carried out pursuant to laws and regulations,” Li said.

Those at the Wednesday meeting decided on measures to refine the bad-faith deterrent mechanism to promote the orderly and healthy development of the social credit system. The principles include adhering to laws and regulations, protecting rights and interests, taking a prudent and appropriate approach and implementing list-based management.

The scope and procedures of credit information shall be formulated in a science-based way. Including certain behaviors in public credit information will require strictly following laws and regulations and a catalog management approach. Such information will be made accessible to the public.

Administrative departments must determine acts of bad faith on the basis of legally binding documents. The scope and procedures for sharing credit information shall be standardized. The principle of legality and necessity shall be observed when deciding whether and to what extent credit information is shared and disclosed. Such decisions shall be made clear when compiling the credit information catalog.

The meeting underlined the need to strengthen information security and privacy protection. Access to and procedures for credit information inquiries shall be strictly enforced. Leaking, tampering, damaging or stealing credit information or utilizing credit information for personal gains will be seriously investigated and dealt with. Illegal collection and transaction of credit information will be strictly cracked down on.

“In the development of the social credit system, it is important to pay attention to protecting personal privacy and trade secrets. Credit reference shall be conducted in accordance with law, with science-based scope and definition and appropriate penalties. Information must be used in a safe and secure manner,” Li said.

Identification of list of entities with serious acts of bad faith will be better regulated. The list shall be limited to those who put public health and safety in grave jeopardy, seriously sabotage the fair market competition order or disrupt normal social order. The list shall not be willfully expanded without authorization.

Punishment against bad-faith acts shall be enforced in accordance with laws and regulations, to make sure that penalties are meted out commensurate with dishonest behaviors. Disciplinary measures taken against entities with serious dishonest behaviors that reduce their rights or increase their duties shall be based on facts of bad faith and on laws and regulations. Punishments should be appropriate and not be added or increased at will. Financial institutions, credit service agencies, industry associations, chambers of commerce and news media should not be forced to punish entities with serious acts of bad faith.

A credit repair mechanism, which is conducive to self-correction, will be established. Entities will be allowed to fix negative credit records, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, should they correct dishonest behaviors and eliminate adverse impact. Relevant departments shall remove entities, who meet credit repair eligibility, from the list in a timely manner.

All localities and relevant departments shall promptly overhaul measures that have been rolled out for the determination, recording, disclosure and punishment of bad-faith acts, and those that do not meet the requirements shall be regulated in a timely manner.

The meeting also decided on measures to advance high-quality development of the credit reference sector. Cross-sectoral and cross-regional connectivity of credit information involving finance, government affairs, and public services will be promoted as provided by law. Disclosure and orderly utilization of data in government departments will be promoted in faster pace.

Market access of individual credit reference agencies will be promoted in an active yet prudent manner, and openness of the credit reference sector will be scaled up. Matching regulations and supporting institutions for the credit reference sector shall be improved and accountability mechanism strengthened. Fraudulent credit rating shall be strictly punished according to law. 

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Credit Repair Service Earns Best-in-Class Rating from



News Image

This service is the obvious choice for anyone needing credit repair, and we’re pleased to give Sky Blue our top ranking in 2020. recently affirmed the top-ranked status of Sky Blue Credit Repair, an industry leader among providers of Credit Repair services.

After decades of a devil-may-care approach to credit, the American public seems to finally understand the importance of a good credit score. The better one’s credit, the easier it is to be approved to rent an apartment or buy a home, secure an auto loan, or even get funding for higher education. What happens when a person realizes this after making some poor financial choices? Is it too late?

The good news is that one’s credit history can be repaired, resulting in the resolution of outstanding issues and a higher credit score. Some consumers find it challenging to navigate the process of negotiating with creditors, removing negative reports from their credit history, and consolidating debt. Fortunately, there are reputable credit repair services that take out all the guesswork, putting their decades of expertise into practice to help clients improve their credit histories step-by-step and often doing all of the work on their behalf. The best services take it a step further, working with their customers to help them develop a plan for continued financial stability going forward.

“For over 30 years, Sky Blue has helped clients throughout the United States to achieve a healthy credit history,” affirmed Brian Dolezal of, LLC. “Although it can feel daunting to work on improving your credit score, you can count on the Sky Blue experience to be ‘happy and stress-free’ just as they promise. Your initial consultation and review with a representative is absolutely free, and you won’t be pushed into signing up for any services that aren’t a good fit for your situation. If you choose to become a Sky Blue client, your rep will get right to work, disputing at least 5 items with each credit bureau every 35 days. You can rest assured that your decision to use this service is no-risk because of their condition-free guarantee: in the first 90 days of your paid membership, you can get a full refund for any reason. Sky Blue also allows you to pause your service at any time. Plus, clients continue to compliment Sky Blue for being effective, honest, and affordable. This service is the obvious choice for anyone needing credit repair, and we’re pleased to give Sky Blue our top ranking in 2020.”

To find out more about Sky Blue and other Credit Repair services, including reviews and comparison rankings, please visit the Credit Repair Services category of at

About Sky Blue

Sky Blue Credit is dedicated to credit repair, focusing solely on helping customers reach their credit goals through repair and restoration services since 1989. They pride themselves on speed, disputing 15 items every 35 days, as well as giving intelligent guidance with respect to optimizing customers’ credit scores.

About is a leading provider of reviews and rankings for thousands of consumer products and services. From Credit Repair to Debt Relief and Personal Loans, delivers in-depth product evaluations in order to make purchasing decisions easier.

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