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Bad Credit

Personal Loans For Borrowers With Bad Credit



A bad credit loan is a relief funding option for people with a poor credit score. It can get you out of a financial crisis, even if you have a bad credit score. With that said, if you need cash immediately to pay a medical bill, buy or repair a car, or consolidate debt, but do not have enough credit to qualify for a loan, do not worry.

There’s help available. Although this option might not fall under the best terms possible, they can still be a considerable help when you need money fast. Bad credit personal loans are money you borrow and repay in monthly installments. 

Read on to know more about personal loans for people with bad credit. 

Getting A Loan With Bad Credit

If you don’t need the money for an emergency yet, take advantage of improving your credit score before getting a loan. You can begin by making timely payments, specifically on credit cards. However, if you need immediate cash, you can apply on Planet Loans to have the funds you need.

Also, you need to minimize the balance on credit cards to at least 30 percent of the allowed credit limit. Lastly, do not apply for new credit for the moment. These factors or determinants like no new credit applications, low credit utilization, and on-time payment, account for 75 percent of your credit score. 

Moreover, it is not practical to believe that making an attempt to improve these factors could increase your credit score by a hundred points within 3 to 6 months. However, if you need the money for an emergency and your loan application has been rejected again and again because of no credit or poor credit, get the help of a credit union loan office or bank for an in-person interview to prove to them you are creditworthy.

Once you get the interview, ensure you are fully prepared with records and documents that show you are a good risk. Keep in mind that lenders love stability. So, if you can prove to them that you have worked the same job, lived in the same house for several years, then it will surely help your case. 

Important Documents To Bring

The following are the common things you need to bring that will prove your creditworthiness:

  • Certificate of Deposits, savings, bank statements for checkings
  • Whether you receive or pay child support or alimony
  • List of unsecured debts
  • List of assets
  • Details of your job history
  • Tax returns

The good news is that not all of these things are needed. However, if you have a bad credit history, whatever you can show that proves you have become accountable with your money will be deemed a huge plus. 

Also, take note that lenders usually ask questions regarding your credit history that might hit back adversely on you. Say, for instance:

  • Your ethnic background
  • Declared foreclosure judgment or bankruptcy
  • Have any judgments against your items in the collection
  • Had lawsuits

Although asking for your ethnic background would feel like violating anti-discrimination laws, yet it’s needed by the government so that they can ensure they are not charged excessive fees, routinely turned down, and keep information on lending to minorities. 

The reason for the interview is to persuade the creditor that if you obtain a loan, you can make payments comfortably. Any proof or document that can back up that fact will surely work in your favor. 

Bad Credit Personal Loans: Pros And Cons

When taking out any loan, it undoubtedly makes sense to be wary and use caution. However, if you have a poor credit score or history, keep in mind that things are not good. Thus, do not make it more serious or severe for you. 

Thoroughly check the advantages and drawbacks of the situation before you make a final decision.


The following are the obvious advantages of bad credit loans:

  • Lower interest rate compared to credit card debt
  • Fast loan applications
  • Many lender options
  • Improve your credit score
  • Repayment term length of about one to five years


The following are the drawbacks for bad credit loans:

  • May not be licensed
  • Collateral sometimes required
  • Fees and penalties
  • High-interest rates

Make sure you have various offers before you make a decision. Keep in mind that the competition gives you an opportunity to research and compare the company you eventually choose.


For people searching for bad credit loans, there are some outlets you can rely on. However, it surely will take a lot of time to shop around finding repayment terms and interest rates you can afford. Alternatively, you can opt to borrow money from close family and friends. Although from a relationship standpoint, it can be dangerous, it makes more sense from a loan-anxiety and financial standpoint since it’s simpler to get a break on terms and get approval. 

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Bad Credit

Loans Bad Credit Online – Loans Bad Credit Online – Slick Cash loan Announces Quick and Easy Online Installment loan Application with Fixed Repayment Plan – Press Release | Fintech Zoom | Fintech Zoom



Loans Bad Credit Online – Loans Bad Credit Online – Slick Cash loan Announces Quick and Easy Online Installment loan Application with Fixed Repayment Plan – Press Release | Fintech Zoom

Loans Bad Credit Online – Slick Cash loan Announces Quick and Easy Online Installment loan Application with Fixed Repayment Plan – Press Release

Get loans fast with an online application that takes only a few minutes. There is no credit check or collateral needed to get cash to deal with pressing needs

People run out of cash all the time and they need a loan to do so many things. Getting a loan from most lenders is complicated and it takes so much time and effort.  

Slick Cash loan is proud to announce their quick and easy online installment loan services for anyone who needs money for emergency and other purposes. Even people who have bad credit can also apply and get loans.  

The entire loan process is done online. To get a loan go online and apply; it takes just a few minutes. After submitting the form the applicant gets a quick response with instant approval. Cash is then deposited into the borrower’s bank account within 24 hours.  

It’s all about helping people deal with financial situations; no collateral, no credit check. Depending on the state the borrower is residing in, they can get up to $3,000.  

There are so many reasons people need quick loans. It may be for a medical emergency, paying for tuition, buying groceries, paying for rent, auto repair, and so on. When these needs come there is no waiting. They must be attended to very quickly before things get out of hand. But most cash lenders have a lengthy process that makes it hard to get cash to solve pressing needs.  

Slick Cash loan was established to help people deal with their financial needs effectively. That’s why they have created a simple, easy, and quick online installment loan application process that takes just a few minutes. Over the past few years, the company has helped thousands of people get quick loans to solve current problems.  

Unlike other types of loans, installment loans offered by Slick Cash loan are very easy to payback. Borrowers repay the loan with a fixed monthly repayment plan. Such a repayment plan is beneficial because payments will not fluctuate due to an increase in interest rates. This makes it easy for borrowers to manage their financials and avoid getting into debt.  

Every customer that approaches Slick Cash loan is treated with respect, dignity, and complete attention. Borrowers who have issues can contact their customer care line and are assured they will get a prompt response.  

Media Contact
Company Name: Slick Cash loan
Contact Person: Mark Snow
Email: Send Email
Phone: (888) 200-7445
Address:1125 E Broadway, #545
City: Glendale
State: California, 91205
Country: United States


Loans Bad Credit Online – Slick Cash loan Announces Quick and Easy Online Installment loan Application with Fixed Repayment Plan – Press Release

Tags: Loans Bad Credit Online

Loans Bad Credit Online – Loans Bad Credit Online – Slick Cash loan Announces Quick and Easy Online Installment loan Application with Fixed Repayment Plan – Press Release | Fintech Zoom

Tags: Loans Bad Credit Online


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Bad Credit

Bad Credit Credit Cards – FOMO is fueling a homebuying surge that could become ‘a curse’ | Fintech Zoom



Bad Credit Credit Cards – FOMO is fueling a homebuying surge that could become ‘a curse’

A pandemic, historically low mortgage rates, and record low housing inventory are helping to drive many homebuyers to skip crucial steps to get in on the hot housing market, according to one financial expert.

“You’re seeing people are feeling this urge to hurry up and get something done for the sake of missing out,” Chris Hogan, a personal finance expert and spokesman for Ramsey Solutions, told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). However, he added, “there’s a process we need to follow to make sure buying a home ends up being a blessing more than a curse.”

Read more: Here’s what to do if you plan to buy a house in 2021

Homebuyers can end up getting in over their heads financially if they get caught up in a bidding war. Others may bypass a home inspection only to discover black mold in their basement after they close.

This all can be avoided, Hogan said.

“I really want to caution people on this because I’m also reading stories of people that are living their nightmares,” Hogan said. “Let’s be honest, the goal is not to buy the home. The goal is to own that bad boy.”

A “sold” sign sits on a lot as new home construction continues in Westfield, Ind., Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Hogan offered a three-step process to make sure you’re in the right financial position to purchase a home.

Get out of debt: Pay off credit cards, student loans, and car loans.

Build up your emergency savings: Save up at least three to six months worth of living expenses. “That way you have a cushion between you and life happening,” Hogan said.

Read more: Buying a house: What you need to know about home ownership

Have a game plan for your home purchase: For Hogan, that means knowing how much you can spend on your home purchase within his three guidelines:

  • Get a 15-year fixed rate mortgage

  • Make sure your monthly payment is no more than 25% of your take-home pay

  • Put down 10% at the very minimum, but strive for a 20% down payment to have more equity and to avoid paying private mortgage insurance.

“So having these guidelines in place will ensure that you buy a home the right way,” he said, “instead of just jumping the gun because your parents say so or your neighbors did so.”

Janna is an editor for Yahoo Money and Cashay. Follow her on Twitter @JannaHerron.

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Bad Credit Credit Cards – FOMO is fueling a homebuying surge that could become ‘a curse’

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Bad Credit

Checking Your Own Credit Report Is Vital | Fox Rothschild LLP



These are difficult times.  Some parts of the economy have responded well to the pandemic crisis.  Others, especially those in the travel, leisure, and entertainment industries have experienced enormous financial challenges.  Sadly, this sometimes prompts desperate measures.  You should not become an unwary victim of desperate measures.  You are the best person to protect yourself from that.

Yesterday, a local attorney in suburban Philadelphia pleaded guilty to falsifying credit applications using the names and personal financial data of his wife and mother-in-law to tap an estimated $85,000 of credit, which he spent for his own amusement.  He had recently been convicted of taking roughly $90,000 in client money for similar purposes.  He will be sentenced for these crimes next month.  The crimes go back several years.  They are not related to the current economic crisis, thereby proving once again that crime can happen in good times.  However, desperate times (and many Americans are in desperate times) often trigger people to resort to desperate measures.  History has taught us that many times, the first draw on another person’s funds or credit is accompanied by the desire, indeed the expectation, that the taker will “make good” on the borrow.

The second lesson here is that certain vital information like birthdates, social security numbers, even telephone numbers and credit card data can permit theft as easily as the proverbial unlocked door.  In this case, the lawyer acted as his spouse and mother-in-law to open new accounts they never knew about at the time.  Yes, they are victims, and probably will secure release from these debts.  But, the stain of bad credit travels faster than a good reputation and it makes future borrowing a steep uphill climb.

A few years ago the judicial system embarked on a program to demand that documents filed in court be cleansed of data that could be used to steal.  The program is reasonably effective, although many attorneys forget to obliterate things like full account statements and social security numbers from documents filed with the court.  You can help with that process as well by taking action to remove/redact that data before you hand it to your attorney.  Realize that some of those digits need to be preserved because you may have four different accounts with a bank or a brokerage and they need to be distinguished.  Nevertheless, with rare exceptions, lawyers, their staff, judicial officers and the like do not need all of the numbers.  On those rare occasions when they are required, consider providing the information in separate communications.

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