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Bad Credit

Here are the Best 8 Alternatives To Credit Cards – Press Release



Credit cards can be a great financial tool if you’re careful with that. However, credit cards are not suitable for those with bad credit, which ultimately prevents them from qualifying for another card. Or it could be that you just want to avoid high-interest credit cards altogether and you don’t wanna be indebted anymore. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world as there are plenty of other alternatives that we’ll be more than happy to share with you in this article. 

Some of the finest alternatives include debit cards, online payment, Canadian loan aggregators, gift cards, overdrafts, and so much more. 

Here are some of the finest alternatives to credit cards, where people no longer have to worry about borrowing from others or worry about interest rates ever again in their entire lives:

  1. Debit Card

Debit cards are arguably the most popular credit card alternative compared to carrying physical money. You can especially carry a debit card that carries the logo of a major credit card wherever cards are accepted. Not only is it convenient for you to carry, but you also won’t be in debt as the card is linked directly to your checking account. And the best part about it is that you’ll only spend on what you have. 

Still, there are some things that you need to be wary of – such as fraud protection. However, you should know that the duration for reporting fraudulent purchases as well as getting your money back is less than what you’re given with a credit card. If you’re not careful about this, then using a debit card is no less risky than using a credit card.

  1. Prepaid Debit Cards

These cards greatly resemble credit cards and also work in that manner as well. The only difference, however, is that the credit limit for these cards is only up to the amount that is loaded by the users. Still, the advantage presented by prepaid debit cards is that stacking up credit card debt is impossible. The downside, to this, nevertheless, is that the cards aren’t reported to credit reporting agencies, and can’t do anything to improve a user’s FICO score. 

  1. Gift Cards

Most retailers offer users gift cards that can be sent to their family and friends. Retailers issue gift cards that can then be used at another one of their branches. Some cards feature a major credit card company’s logo, and can then be exchanged for products and services at those stores that support cards with that logo. 

There are also cards that can be preloaded with funds. They can be used like other debit or credit cards. Fortunately, when the funds get loaded into the cards, you can’t go into debt. 

  1. Overdraft

If you maintain a good relationship with your bank, they might be able to loan you a little bit of extra cash. To do this, all you have to do is apply for an arranged overdraft as an extension of your current account. You’ll be able to withdraw to a certain agreed limit when the balance is negative. 

Certain banks offer this option free of interest to an agreed term or a certain amount, based on separate circumstances. If you do end up choosing an overdraft with an interest, as well as have a plan on how to clear your debt, then you have to be aware about how much this is going to cost you. 

  1. Electronic Wallets

For those who have a smartphone, they’ll be able to conduct financial transactions at retail establishments and also for transmission of funds to and from family members and friends. Some of the best known electronic wallets include Google Wallet and Apple Pay. These cards are beneficial because consumers can include information from several of their debit, prepaid, or even credit cards. In other words, there is no need for any physical cards.

  1. Third-Party Payment

Why not simply disregard credit cards altogether? We’re talking about third-party payment options including PayPal, Google Checkout, and others. What’s interesting is that you don’t need to provide personal information to individual vendors apart from linking your checking account to the payment system. 

Even better is that you get a temporary “credit card” number that you can only use online. The reason why this is better is that this number can only be used one time after you use it. And this way, hackers won’t even be able to use that number should they attempt to get the drop on you. 

This is what makes this option one of the best credit card alternatives around. 

  1. Personal Loan‌

If you’re unable to access some of the best credit cards using low-interest rates or 0% periods, especially if you’re considering the holiday of a lifetime or want to make some home improvements then you should consider taking out a personal loan. This could be cheaper for you, especially if you’re able to secure a favorable interest rate. 

Of course, the amount that you’re able to borrow and at what rate will depend on several circumstances. Apart from knowing how much loan to pay back, and also knowing that you’re able to confidently afford repayments, you need to be wary of late fees and early repayment that can potentially bump up the borrowing cost.

  1. Secured Credit Cards

If you’re struggling with damaged credit and are unable tosecure a credit card, then it’s best to opt for a secured one instead. This can help you get your credit back on the right track. Unlike prepaid debit or credit cards, secured credit cards are considered to be real credit cards. But, the limit for secured credit cards is dependent on the amount that users have deposited, which is a sign of implementing financial discipline. 

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Bad Credit

Facts Every Applicant Needs to Know – The Black Chronicle



Army veterans have some glorious choices in relation to their looking for a mortgage to purchase a house. Even when the veteran has a poor credit score document, there are nonetheless choices. For one, getting a VA dwelling mortgage with a bad credit score is thought to be essentially the most accessible choice.

That is definitely true, with the Division of Veteran Affairs (the VA) basically guaranteeing a share of the mortgage loan utilized for, enormously serving to to safe approval regardless of a bad credit score. However there are components that anybody contemplating making use of for these loans ought to concentrate on.

Traditionally, these VA dwelling loans solely took place on account of the 1944 GI Invoice, which was launched to assist conflict veterans settle again into civilian life. By the VA guaranteeing these mortgages, veterans had a greater likelihood of getting their very own dwelling. However there are nonetheless standards for candidates to fulfill.

The Worth of a VA Assure

The largest drawback for mortgage candidates is convincing lenders that they may get their a refund. Even when looking for a VA dwelling mortgage with a bad credit score, the lender must know that the borrower could be trusted to make the repayments that must be made. Since VA loans include a assure, that safety is supplied.

Unsurprisingly, the backing of the VA is a large increase to anybody seeking to safe approval regardless of a bad credit score. And for the debtors, a assure from the VA additionally removes the necessity for a big down cost, and usually signifies that the rate of interest charged is decrease.

However the VA shouldn’t be keen to ensure 100% of the sum being borrowed – actually, it solely covers 25% of the worth of the house. So, whereas the curiosity on a VA dwelling mortgage is decrease, and a down cost is often not wanted, there’s nonetheless 75% of the sum borrowed that’s not assured.

Qualifying For A VA Mortgage

Since a VA mortgage is reserved for navy veterans, qualifying for a VA dwelling mortgage with a bad credit score depends on assembly some strict standards. In fact, there are fundamental situations to satisfy too, like age and nationality, however the VA want affirmation of navy rank and deployment historical past earlier than they’re keen to ensure the mortgage.

There are monetary situations too. For instance, candidates can’t have defaulted on a mortgage with any lenders inside the earlier 12 months, and can’t have been declared bankrupt at any time inside the earlier 24 months. In spite of everything, lenders are solely keen to grant approval regardless of a bad credit score if they are often certain repayments shall be made.

One other situation to fulfill earlier than qualifying for a VA dwelling mortgage embody proving they’ve full gainful employment. As with every different mortgage, repayments need to be revamped many years, so monetary safety is essential.

Put together Your Software Correctly

Lastly, it’s tempting to consider that it’s straightforward to get a VA dwelling mortgage with a bad credit score, however the reality is that there isn’t a assure that approval shall be given. Many navy veterans are rejected as a result of their software was deemed unconvincing.

Keep in mind that the VA solely agrees to ensure a 25% share of the mortgage after the lender has authorised the appliance. The precise software is submitted to the lender, so securing approval regardless of a bad credit score relies on their evaluation.

There are methods to enhance a credit score rating, and so decrease rates of interest, like utilizing a consolidating mortgage to clear present loans in a single go. When an effort is made, a lender is extra comfy granting a VA dwelling mortgage.

Source by Donna N Hammond

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Bad Credit

A principal learned one student’s family is getting evicted. Now she’s working to find them a home



CAPE CORAL — A school principal is working this holiday season to find a home for some of her students.

Shelly Homan posted a plea to Facebook after she learned one of her students’ families was being evicted with nowhere to go. Homan is the Principal here at Heritage Charter Academy. She was helping families in need by telling them about the turkey giveaway sponsored by Cape Coral Police, when she met Vincent Ponzo’s grandchildren.

“When I asked them about the Thanksgiving dinner that the police department was giving away, I found out that they were also going to be homeless,” said Homan.

Ponzo has been looking for a new home for months, but he has bad credit, and doesn’t have enough saved for first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit.

“We’re just running out of time and options at this point, and we’re not bad people. We work hard. I’m the general manager at a restaurant, my wife works for Instacart. My daughter is trying to raise her three kids in our home,” said Ponzo.

So Homan posted an SOS on Facebook, looking for a landlord willing to rent to them. It got a lot of attention.

“Shelly called me, and I was like what did you do? And she was, oh I just put a post out, and next thing you know I’m getting all this feedback from it,” said Ponzo.

“My focus is that the kids are in a home for the holidays. So whatever, whatever I have to do to reach out. The worst people can say is no I can’t help,” said Homan.

But Homan said people have already reached out trying to help. Ponzo said he hopes he can find a home soon, but he also said his story is just one of many this holiday season.

“This takes a lot for me to stand in front of everybody and go this is what’s going on, but if I don’t do it, maybe some other guy wishes somebody did that’s about to get kicked out of his house because he’s going through the same thing or worse,” said Ponzo.

If you are interested in helping Ponzo and his family, you can call the Heritage Charter Academy at (239) 223-7530.

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Bad Credit

Savvy Group Real Estate Partners With Frazier Credit Services to Make Property Purchase in Columbus, Ohio Available to All – Press Release



Savvy Group Real Estate Partners With Frazier Credit Services to Make Property Purchase in Columbus, Ohio Available to All

“”It’s always a special moment for me when I see a first-time buyer go from the stage of building credit to closing on their first home. It’s always tears of joy at closing. I believe that this collaboration will do so much good for those potential buyers who are ready to work on their goals with a knowledgeable team who wants to see them win!”
-Jay Carter, Realtor”

November 26, 2020 – Thanks to the partnership between The Savvy Group Real Estate and Frazier Credit Services, home purchase around Columbus Ohio will now be possible irrespective of a client’s credit score. The new partnership will ensure that potential buyers who are struggling with their credit scores can take advantage of Frazier Credit Services to secure loans loan approval within 6 months. Together, both companies will work towards a common goal of helping people realize their dreams of owning a new home.

Securing loans for the purpose of purchasing a home can be tough on people with poor credit. Financial institutions and banks are unlikely to sanction such loans due to  the risks associated with bad credit ratings. It gets tougher; typical credit building takes time and loansharks are widely regarded as trouble. Private lenders are not the best either, they offer ridiculous rates and are often shady in their deals.

In a bid to support its own clients, The Savvy Group Real Estate has taken the pains of vetting and endorsing Frazier Credit Services. They are adept at credit repair and are willing to work with prospective home buyers from The Savvy Group Real Estate. In just six months, prospective homebuyers in Columbus, Ohio will learn how to build up their credits and become eligible for loan approval.

The collaboration between Frazier Credit Services and The Savvy Group Real Estate will effectively be turning dreams into reality.  While Frazier Credit Services will work towards faster credit building and credit repair to gain loan approvals for clients in six months, The Savvy Group Real Estate will guide them through a first-time buyer program and help them understand how financial challenges can be circumvented during purchase despite their poor credit. Speaking about the collaboration, realtor, and owner of The Savvy Group, Jay Carter says, “It’s always a special moment for me when I see a first-time buyer go from the stage of building credit to closing on their first home. It’s always tears of joy at closing. I believe that this collaboration will do so much good for those potential buyers who are ready to work on their goals with a knowledgeable team who wants to see them win!”

The Savvy Group Real Estate is affiliated with Red 1 Realty, and was established by Ace Realtor Jay Carter who specializes in new construction, first-time homebuyers, home sales and educating clients on how to generate funding for real estate transactions. On the flip side, Frazier Credit Services is a renowned credit repair company with an excellent track record of credit building within 4 to 6 months.  The collaboration between the two companies will now open up opportunities in domestic real estate and transform potential home buyers into homeowners in Columbus, Ohio.

For more information: use the websites:,

Jay Carter
The Savvy Group Real Estate
Columbus Ohio


Ciera Frazier
Frazier Credit Services
Columbus Ohio

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Jay Carter
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City: Columbus
State: OH
Country: United States

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