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    My Credit’s Been Fixed: Now What?



    young man contemplating what to do now that credit has been repaired

    If you’ve repaired your credit, you know that it’s not an
    easy road and takes a lot of time. So now that your credit has been fixed, how
    do you continue to keep it in good shape? It’s important to maintain your good
    credit but you may be wondering how you can maintain best practices and stay

    The first thing to do is to continue monitoring your reports
    so that you can protect that good credit you fought so hard for. Your reports
    may be clean today but what about six months from now, or even one month from
    now? Errors may still pop up, even if you think you’ve taken care of

    Luckily, we have an answer for you at Lexington Law Firm
    once your credit has been repaired: Lex onTrack. This is the credit monitoring
    service that we offer to clients once their credit has been repaired to help
    them keep their credit on track.

    What is Lex onTrack?

    Lex onTrack is a credit monitoring service for clients who
    have zero or few negative items on their credit reports. Lex onTrack offers all
    the services that you received while getting your credit repaired for a lower
    price so that you can continue protecting your credit. The service provides a
    Trans Union FICO score that’s updated every month, identity theft insurance,
    credit report alerts, a budgeting tool, and all of your favorite features.

    Lex onTrack is a great tool for monitoring all of your
    accounts and will alert you know of any changes made to them. We also continue
    to offer you credit education so that you can keep your credit in the best
    possible shape.

    Not only that, but the service provides credit repair
    services as needed. That means if you still have one negative item on your
    credit reports, or something new shows up, then Lexington Law Firm can
    challenge it on your behalf with the credit bureau and the creditor.

    How Much Does Lex onTrack Cost?

    This credit monitoring service costs $24.95 a month. You can
    cancel it at any time. If you’re ever in need of major credit repair, you can also
    upgrade to one of our core credit repair service levels.

    While it’s true you can sign up for free monitoring credit
    services with different companies, many don’t offer account alerts or the
    option to challenge new negative items. They also don’t include copies of your
    credit reports. With Lex onTrack, you have access to all three of your credit
    reports so you know exactly what’s going on.

    Plus, if you ever have questions about information on your
    credit reports, you have a staff of paralegals available to answer your

    How Do I Sign Up for Lex onTrack?

    Signing up for Lex onTrack is easy. Just call one of our
    knowledgeable paralegals to help you change your service level. You can also
    sign up for it online.

    Who is Lex onTrack Right For?

    Lex onTrack is right for clients who have repaired their credit and have zero or few negative items remaining on their credit reports. If you’re interested in Lexington Law Firm’s services but aren’t sure whether this service is right for you, contact us today about signing up for Lex onTrack to help you monitor your credit. Our consumer advocates can give you a free personalized credit consultation to help you determine which level of service will work best for you.

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