TULSA, Oklahoma –
Hackers are taking advantage of more people staying home and using the internet and social media.

Experts said sharing photos of your first car or senior pictures could give hackers clues to common recovery password questions for your online accounts. 

University of Tulsa Computer Science professor John Hale said posting those seemingly harmless photos come with risk.

 “It poses a real hazard to you if that information gets into the wrong hands and if you use it sort of as an account backup recovery mechanism,” said Hale.

He said more people are on social media right now than normal because they’re either out of work or working from home. He said hackers are also at work scrolling through social media looking for information. 

“Unfortunately Facebook is a rich source of information for hackers. They can learn quite a bit about you from your Facebook profile and postings,” said Hale.

He said virtual work meetings are also at risk for hacking and victims could lose more than just a monetary amount.  

“The amount of grief that it can be caused is not bound by the dollars in your bank account. To recover from a bad credit score or a case of identity theft can be a years long journey,” said Hale.

Hale recommended setting up separate accounts for virtual meetings one for work and one for personal use. 

He said keeping everything separate from personal and work even using separate thumb drives to add another layer of security.