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EXCLUSIVE: Financial Guru Sypreme Essence Got Out Of Jail and Upped Her Credit Score By 200 Points



Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

How many people you know that can boost a low 519 credit score by 200 points to 719 within just a few months? There’s not many. But, we know one—Sypreme Essence, a self-taught, 6 Figure Credit Expert who transformed her life, and now transforms the lives of others through her credit repair company, Credit Warriors.

What’s unique about Sypreme’s story is that she went from prison to working minimum wage–making $300.00 a week—to now to being one of the most highly sought after financial advisers! Her practical approach to credit literacy is that she isn’t feeding folks a bunch of cryptic jargon that is not only hard to digest but also often even more difficult to put into motion. “I don’t teach by the book. I teach the way that the people I’m talking to understand to reach their goals. People like me. I’m not trying to use all these extra big words and make it complicated. I got to visually show them,” Sypreme tells BET exclusively.

Sypreme started her Connecticut and Georgia based business, Credit Warriors as a humble Facebook group to connect with others like herself who wanted to take control of their credit but didn’t know how and has grown it into a reliable network where she reveals her budgeting, saving and investing DIY methods.

Just in time for Black Business Month, August, BET Digital caught up with Sypreme on what it takes to turn the credit tables, and discovered some tricks we should all employ to guarantee approval for a credit credit card without risk of being denied and how she successfully beat the system.

(Photo: Nathan Pearcy/ @npearcypics; Creative Director: Divine Influence PR/ @divineinfluencepr)

Sypreme Essence: I’ve been transparent from the beginning. So I’ve gotten in trouble with the law. I used to run the streets real heavy. The last time I was in prison was my breaking point. It was my shortest bid, but my hardest. In prison I learned I can manifest things. So I started to redefine my goals and write everything down. I said I wanted to open up a fashion boutique on wheels. So I went back to my bunk and I drew like a stick figure bus of how I wanted it to look. And then I just really meditated on it.

I felt the shift, and it was just so amazing. When I came home, I bought my bus. In 2015 it just kept breaking down for little repairs. And then in February 2016, it really broke down. The repairs were $4,000 or something major like that but I was trying to hold onto this thing because I invested my life into it. It was my dream. I didn’t want to let it go and my bus wasn’t even making that much money.

So, I went to the bank to get a business loan. After the third question, the guy was like, “I’m sorry you don’t qualify.” I was like, “What do you mean?” He was like, “Well you know, first of all your credit, it’s really bad. You have to get your credit together.” And then he was trying to explain to me some other things, but I didn’t understand. I didn’t know how I was going to get the bus out.

I didn’t have a laptop so I had to go to the library to do credit research. I went and picked up a book and that’s when I really learned the credit repair process, I got so engrossed in learning and obsessed. I started taking the books home and then I would just study and then I would apply the knowledge to myself and it worked. My score would take like an eighty-point jump, a hundred-point jump and I’m thinking like, well maybe I’m just getting lucky. I tried it with my husband, same thing with him. My three sons are adults, tried it on them, got their credit up in like three months’ time.

Now I could do it in 30 days, but I was learning. So I started giving advice to people like my friends and family and it would work. They started coming to my job at Denny’s. Mind you, the bus is still waiting to be repaired within three months’ time. I’m making $300 a week because they would only put me on the schedule to work two days a week.

I started my Facebook because people started coming to my job asking me if I can hook them up. They would sit in for hours acting like they’re drinking coffee, but I said, “Look, you’re going to get me in trouble. I’m going to start a Facebook group.” So I started with about 12 people, giving my advice. We reached 10,000 [members] by October, and then I wrote the Credit Warriors handbook, which I give away for free on my website. We are 438,000 people now in my Facebook group for giving information away for free.

(Photo: Courtesy of Sypreme Essence)

B: Now that we know your story, we want the knowledge too! Let’s start with, what are the biggest credit misconceptions?

SE: Most people have a misconception about what the credit bureaus actually are. People think that it’s a government agency and that whatever they say is solid and true. Like you can’t fight them, but it’s totally opposite. They are private, like Coca-Cola and they’re just in the business to report data. That’s all they are. And you can challenge them. A lot of people are afraid to challenge them but there’s a lot of loopholes that people don’t know that exist and that’s why we’re able to challenge them as aggressively as we can.

B: Can you share some of your credit score secrets that you wish you knew early on earlier on?

SE: Everything I learned is self-taught. I wish somebody at that time in my life would have told me what to do. And one of them was how to manipulate the score. I jumped from a 519 to a 720-credit score, and the reason why I did that is because I had no revolving credit. So once I put two trade lines up there—boom—my score jumped like [Michael] Jordan. Once I secured a credit card, that brought me up about 80 points. I got a $5,000 a tradeline. There’s a couple of companies out there that will give you $5,000 in credit no matter what your credit score is.

B: So for folks like myself who aren’t exactly financially literate, what’s a tradeline?

SE: That’s an industry term that we use as another way of saying something that shows up on your credit report. That’s all it is. If you have credit accounts (including car loans, mortgages, credit cards, and payday advances), you have have tradelines on your report.

B: So what builds credit?

SE: So when you look at the pie chart, 35% is your payment history. OK. There’s 192.5 points that can be captured in your payment history that you can capture by making regular payments on time. Your score drops 60 points by doing that. See, there’s a closing statement date on the credit card statement and there’s a due date. The closing statement date and the due date are equally as important. You’re not taught this, there’s no curriculum about this. When you’re given the credit card, you’re just going to pay it off before the due date, but the statement date is when everything reports in that cycle but the statement date is when the cycle closes, then reports everything you spent to the bureaus.

Then there’s 30% for utilization, which holds the second most weight, 10% is a credit mix—installment loans, revolving lines of credit. So you want to have a credit mix or your score is not really going to move. So there’s 55 points you can capture there. And then you have inquiries. Inquiries make up 10% and that’s when every time you ask for credit, your score drops like 7 points or 11 points. If you get the card, it’s going to go up as long as you don’t have too many credit cards. That makes about 55% of 55 points of your score. Then about 15% is credit age. So someone who has very long history in their credit, like 15 years, 20 years, they’re doing really well.

B: How about any credit hacks you can share to increase one’s score if you keep getting denied for credit cards?

SE: The shopping cart method. It’s dope. So what you do is you take your computer and you have to erase everything, the history, and you have to allow popups. Once you go onto the web, you’re going to look at Comenity Bank credit cards only. You can look them up in so many stores like J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret.

So after you manipulate the computer by erasing your history and allowing pop-ups, you go onto the website and you put in your email address. A guest can create an email and then when it’s time to pay, the pop-up just comes up. You put like a hundred dollars’ worth of merchandise in the shopping cart. Then you go to pay and the message pops up. It’s going to say ‘Congratulations, you’ve been pre-approved for our credit card’. You’ve got to keep doing it. Cause it’s not always going to happen.

There’s a card called JD Williams. That’s the easiest one to get. Everyone gets that card. Victoria’s Secret, too. Sometimes you guys got to keep trying and trying and trying, but eventually you’re going to get it. And that’s how you do it. That’s how simple it is. So then you get pre-approved online and then you can go into the store and they’ll extend the credit card to you. They’re going to send the credit card to your address. You have to live at the address at least three years or more to get approved. You should apply for no more than three cards in a year. You need your cards to age cause after the first two cards your score starts to kind of like plateau.

(Photo: Nathan Pearcy/ @npearcypics; Creative Director: Divine Influence PR/ @divineinfluencepr)

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Credit Repair Companies

How to Get Help with My Credit?



A low credit score does not only make loans costly or inaccessible. It may affect your employment, and even prevent you from renting the best apartment. As an indicator of creditworthiness, it is checked by lenders, insurers, employers, and landlords. If the total is far from perfect, there are several ways to fix it. The best repair companies will do it on your behalf. 

Why Scores Go Down

In the US, the most popular scoring systems are FICO and VantageScore. They use a similar combination of factors to assess data on credit reports. Three major bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian — document your payments and all events related to borrowing. For example, the three most important elements for FICO are:

From this, you can deduce the conditions for the best scores. You need to have an impeccable record without missed or late payments, and the total amount of debt should be as low as possible. The longer your history — the better. You may also raise the score by using more credit products (credit mix accounts for 10%) and opening new accounts (10%).

Do You Need Repair? 

This term refers to the correction of official records. Today, affordable credit repair services help you clean the reports fast. These measures are not always necessary. The accuracy of the records determines whether you need repair. You may need to rebuild your history, not fix it. For example, you will see the credit score go up after paying debt

Every year, you may request a copy of your reports. There is no need to contact the agencies individually. Until April 20, 2022, allows you to get them for free once a week.

If the documents are accurate, there is nothing to fix. However, you may still raise the score by rebuilding your credit history. There are several ways to do this, such as:

  1. Increasing limits on credit cards or paying off the balances (this lowers the credit utilization ratio);
  2. Getting a new credit card (to bring down the same indicator);
  3. Taking out new loans and paying back diligently;
  4. Adding more data to your reports through Experian Boost, and more. 

How Repair Works

Mistakes on official reports are not uncommon. You may find errors in spelling or completely false entries, such as judgments, evictions, or bankruptcies. These derogatories will tarnish your records for a long time. Most negative entries affect the score for 7 years, and some bankruptcies influence it for a decade, depending on the chapter.

Every consumer has a right to dispute such errors on their own. This is a challenging and lengthy process. Not only should you navigate consumer credit laws. It is necessary to liaise with bureaus, lenders, and collectors. Communication involves formal letters of specific formats. If you lack the expertise, a credit repair company is your best bet.

Professional Services

Overview of Professional Services

These providers have teams of weathered experts. They will collect your data, identify the most damaging mistakes and have them removed. This process involves four key stages and takes several months on average. The company will:

  • collect your reports from all major bureaus;
  • scrutinize the documents to identify inaccuracies;
  • develop a strategy to fix the score as quickly as possible;
  • collect evidence to prove that the items are false;
  • send formal dispute letters to credit bureaus to have the mistakes deleted. 

Most providers offer different tiers of services. The cheapest packages include five disputes per billing cycle on average. The core services are analysis and disputes. In addition, you may access score monitoring tools, personal budgeting apps, identity theft protection, and other extras.

On average, repair takes between 2 and 6 months. This depends on the number of mistakes you want to eradicate. The more derogatories — the longer you (or your hired experts) need to collect the evidence and initiate the disputes.

How to Find a Reliable Provider

In the United States, credit repair is a big industry. Dozens of companies offer to raise your total quickly, but choosing the right one is tricky. Pay attention to the following:

  • reputation and BBB rating;
  • range of services;
  • pricing;
  • support;
  • money-back guarantee.

Your provider may or may not be accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Still, this platform offers crucial insights (e.g., the number of complaints in the past 3 years and any pending lawsuits). Feedback is also available on sites like and TrustPilot. In addition, check expert reviews from reputable sources like Investopedia. 

In terms of pricing, learn about the ‘first work fee’, or ‘setup fee’. It is paid upfront. Subsequently, the company will charge you every month as long as you need its services. On average, you may pay between $79 and $129 per cycle.

Pay close attention to the refund policy. Some companies will not return your money even if they fail to delete a single item from the records. At the same time, there are unconditional policies. These allow you to get a refund for any reason within the first 90 days.

You need convenient access to progress tracking. Most providers allow you to check the status of your case on their web portal. The biggest companies have proprietary apps. You may reach their office by phone on any weekday, and support is also available during shorter weekend hours. 

Final Words

If you need help with repair, choose trusted providers in your area. Check their reputation, legal status, and feedback from customers. Beware of scammers. With professional assistance, you may see the first results in just over a month.  

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Credit Repair Companies

La Reyna Del Credito Helping People Defeat the Financial System by Improving Their Credit Scores



La Reyna Del Credito Helping People Defeat the Financial System by Improving Their Credit Scores

Financial freedom is somewhat an alien word where Ivonne Arvizu comes from, and she made a solemn promise to make it happen for herself and as many others as possible. With a work rate that has cut across different clients with varying professions such as medicine, entertainment, business, legal, real estate, financial professionals, police officers, and thousands of other people who needed credit report at one time or the other, Ivonne Arvizu has created a strong impression about La Reyna Del Credito. Ivonne acquired her credit repair knowledge a long time before she established her credit repair company, and she started helping people fix their credit while she worked at a bank. The bank was against her offering such services due to a conflict of interest. Ivonne, not willing to let herself get tied down in some banking bureaucracy she didn’t agree with, resigned from the bank and made her company into a full-fledged, official credit repair business.

Ivonne Arvizu has always been about excellence and flying the flag high all her life. Despite coming from a humble background and a poor family that never fulfilled the American dream, Ivonne set out to make a difference. She became a homeowner at the age of 20 and has dedicated more than 18 years of her life helping the Latino community elevate its financial status. Ivonne has been featured in Spanish programs on television networks like Telemundo, Univision, Radio Nueva Vida, Radio Inspiracion, and other broadcast services educating the public about financial freedom. Through La Reyna Del Credito, Ivonne is changing lives and shaking things up in the financial world.

La Reyna Del Credito was established on the premise of “Life happens, and anyone can get into a bad credit situation.” In Ivonne’s words, “Nobody ever hopes to have bad credit. It just happens, and it does not discriminate. There are so many variables that cause people to have bad credit and fortunately for them, ‘La Reyna del Credito’ exists.” Beyond fixing bad credit scores, La Reyna Del Credito helps people get their mortgage credit within days so they can buy their dream homes without stress. The company established a FICO program that ensures this guarantee, and it has boosted La Reyna Del Credito’s credibility in the Latino community.

La Reyna Del Credito has proven to be a game-changer for the Latino community and has pushed its members to focus on becoming more financially stable in their retirement age.  With more than 1,087 real estate deals closed in 2018 alone and a money-back guarantee on all credit fixes if the company does not deliver the score, La Reyna Del Credito has given people more confidence in its services as it continues to deliver excellent results. The bulk of the company’s clients are Spanish-speaking Latinos who migrated to the United States without knowledge of how credit scores work, and they need guidance. Ivonne Arvizu has built something outstanding, and she’s willing to see it through till she has fixed the finances of hundreds of thousands of people.

Learn more about La Reyna Del Credito on the company’s official website.

Media Contact
Company Name: La Reyna Del Credito
Contact Person: Ivonne Arvizu
Email: Send Email
Phone: (213) 434-9873
Country: United States

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Credit Repair Companies

Improve Your Credit Score with a Credit Repair Company



Securing a loan for your home or business investment can turn out to be quite overwhelming for individuals and businesses out there. People with poor credit scores often struggle with their loan applications, as it gets a bit challenging to have your loan application approved at a low interest. In fact, a credit score happens to be the first thing a bank or a financial institution is likely to notice when reviewing your loan application.

Sometimes, simple things such as late payments and irregular bill payments can lower your credit score significantly. Even if you manage to find a private lender who’s willing to approve your loan application, there is a good chance they will charge you a high interest for the loan.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Credit Repair Company?

It isn’t always your utility bills or debt payments that lower your credit rankings, but sometimes, you might end up with a bad credit score because of a small error on your credit report. Regardless of the complexity of the issue you are facing, you can’t deal with the problem on your own. It is important that you seek help from a credit repair company to look into the matter and fix the issue quickly. As the name suggests, the credit repair company is in charge of fixing the errors in your credit report and removing the items that might be lowering your credit score. This includes charge-offs, late payments, liens, debt collections, and so on.

With a large number of credit repairing companies claiming to offer high-quality and cost-effective services, the decision of choosing the most reliable company could be a little overwhelming. Each company offers a set of unique services that are designed to improve your credit score in different ways. You might have to apply for a loan to finance emergency health requirements, your dream home, a startup, business capital, child’s education, and other requirements. Here are a few other reasons why you must hire a credit repair company:

·      Fix Inaccuracies on Your Credit Reports

Research shows that more than half the population of the United States report inaccuracies and unnecessary errors in their credit reports every year. These errors occur due to the miscalculation is wrong information. As mentioned earlier, it isn’t always your debts and late payments that affect your credit rankings.

Sometimes, small errors in the report could have a profound impact on your credit score. It is, therefore, important for businesses and individuals to get their credit reports reviewed once in a while. Only a credit repair company has the expertise and skills it requires for reviewing the credit reports thoroughly and fixing the errors. The sooner you get these errors fixed, the faster you will be able to apply for a home loan.

·      Job Opportunities

Many reputable companies ask applicants to attach a copy of their credit reports with the job application so that they know their staff is trustworthy. A good credit score increases your chances of getting hired by a reputable company.

·      Insurance Policies

You can’t secure the best and low-priced insurance policy with a bad credit score. It’s important to work on your credit score to get the best deals on insurance policies. That’s because a majority of insurance providers offer insurance plans based on your credit reports. A reliable credit repair company will help fix your credit score, saving you a significant amount of money on an insurance policy.

Best Credit Repair Companies

There is no denying that good credit repair companies can help improve your credit reports by erasing the negative items and fixing the inaccuracies. Here are a few popular credit repair companies you can count on for premium services.

·      Credit Saint: With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, Credit Saint tops our list of the best credit repair company. The Better Business Bureau has rated it A+ for the variety of services it offers. The company has undoubtedly improved the credit rating of a large number of customers successfully over the past few years. It reviews your FICO credit score, evaluates the negative items, and fixes the damaged credit score.

·      Sky Blue Credit: If the price and quality of the services are your main concerns, Sky Blue Credit is your best bet. The company has kept a fixed price, which is $79 a month, for an extensive range of credit repair services.

·      The Credit Pros: With over 200,000 customers based across different parts of the world, The Credit Pros is a 12-year old company that has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can enroll in its monthly plan that costs a flat fee of $49 or choose the prosperity package – whatever fits your preference and budget.

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