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EXCLUSIVE: Financial Guru Sypreme Essence Got Out Of Jail and Upped Her Credit Score By 200 Points



Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

How many people you know that can boost a low 519 credit score by 200 points to 719 within just a few months? There’s not many. But, we know one—Sypreme Essence, a self-taught, 6 Figure Credit Expert who transformed her life, and now transforms the lives of others through her credit repair company, Credit Warriors.

What’s unique about Sypreme’s story is that she went from prison to working minimum wage–making $300.00 a week—to now to being one of the most highly sought after financial advisers! Her practical approach to credit literacy is that she isn’t feeding folks a bunch of cryptic jargon that is not only hard to digest but also often even more difficult to put into motion. “I don’t teach by the book. I teach the way that the people I’m talking to understand to reach their goals. People like me. I’m not trying to use all these extra big words and make it complicated. I got to visually show them,” Sypreme tells BET exclusively.

Sypreme started her Connecticut and Georgia based business, Credit Warriors as a humble Facebook group to connect with others like herself who wanted to take control of their credit but didn’t know how and has grown it into a reliable network where she reveals her budgeting, saving and investing DIY methods.

Just in time for Black Business Month, August, BET Digital caught up with Sypreme on what it takes to turn the credit tables, and discovered some tricks we should all employ to guarantee approval for a credit credit card without risk of being denied and how she successfully beat the system.

(Photo: Nathan Pearcy/ @npearcypics; Creative Director: Divine Influence PR/ @divineinfluencepr)

Sypreme Essence: I’ve been transparent from the beginning. So I’ve gotten in trouble with the law. I used to run the streets real heavy. The last time I was in prison was my breaking point. It was my shortest bid, but my hardest. In prison I learned I can manifest things. So I started to redefine my goals and write everything down. I said I wanted to open up a fashion boutique on wheels. So I went back to my bunk and I drew like a stick figure bus of how I wanted it to look. And then I just really meditated on it.

I felt the shift, and it was just so amazing. When I came home, I bought my bus. In 2015 it just kept breaking down for little repairs. And then in February 2016, it really broke down. The repairs were $4,000 or something major like that but I was trying to hold onto this thing because I invested my life into it. It was my dream. I didn’t want to let it go and my bus wasn’t even making that much money.

So, I went to the bank to get a business loan. After the third question, the guy was like, “I’m sorry you don’t qualify.” I was like, “What do you mean?” He was like, “Well you know, first of all your credit, it’s really bad. You have to get your credit together.” And then he was trying to explain to me some other things, but I didn’t understand. I didn’t know how I was going to get the bus out.

I didn’t have a laptop so I had to go to the library to do credit research. I went and picked up a book and that’s when I really learned the credit repair process, I got so engrossed in learning and obsessed. I started taking the books home and then I would just study and then I would apply the knowledge to myself and it worked. My score would take like an eighty-point jump, a hundred-point jump and I’m thinking like, well maybe I’m just getting lucky. I tried it with my husband, same thing with him. My three sons are adults, tried it on them, got their credit up in like three months’ time.

Now I could do it in 30 days, but I was learning. So I started giving advice to people like my friends and family and it would work. They started coming to my job at Denny’s. Mind you, the bus is still waiting to be repaired within three months’ time. I’m making $300 a week because they would only put me on the schedule to work two days a week.

I started my Facebook because people started coming to my job asking me if I can hook them up. They would sit in for hours acting like they’re drinking coffee, but I said, “Look, you’re going to get me in trouble. I’m going to start a Facebook group.” So I started with about 12 people, giving my advice. We reached 10,000 [members] by October, and then I wrote the Credit Warriors handbook, which I give away for free on my website. We are 438,000 people now in my Facebook group for giving information away for free.

(Photo: Courtesy of Sypreme Essence)

B: Now that we know your story, we want the knowledge too! Let’s start with, what are the biggest credit misconceptions?

SE: Most people have a misconception about what the credit bureaus actually are. People think that it’s a government agency and that whatever they say is solid and true. Like you can’t fight them, but it’s totally opposite. They are private, like Coca-Cola and they’re just in the business to report data. That’s all they are. And you can challenge them. A lot of people are afraid to challenge them but there’s a lot of loopholes that people don’t know that exist and that’s why we’re able to challenge them as aggressively as we can.

B: Can you share some of your credit score secrets that you wish you knew early on earlier on?

SE: Everything I learned is self-taught. I wish somebody at that time in my life would have told me what to do. And one of them was how to manipulate the score. I jumped from a 519 to a 720-credit score, and the reason why I did that is because I had no revolving credit. So once I put two trade lines up there—boom—my score jumped like [Michael] Jordan. Once I secured a credit card, that brought me up about 80 points. I got a $5,000 a tradeline. There’s a couple of companies out there that will give you $5,000 in credit no matter what your credit score is.

B: So for folks like myself who aren’t exactly financially literate, what’s a tradeline?

SE: That’s an industry term that we use as another way of saying something that shows up on your credit report. That’s all it is. If you have credit accounts (including car loans, mortgages, credit cards, and payday advances), you have have tradelines on your report.

B: So what builds credit?

SE: So when you look at the pie chart, 35% is your payment history. OK. There’s 192.5 points that can be captured in your payment history that you can capture by making regular payments on time. Your score drops 60 points by doing that. See, there’s a closing statement date on the credit card statement and there’s a due date. The closing statement date and the due date are equally as important. You’re not taught this, there’s no curriculum about this. When you’re given the credit card, you’re just going to pay it off before the due date, but the statement date is when everything reports in that cycle but the statement date is when the cycle closes, then reports everything you spent to the bureaus.

Then there’s 30% for utilization, which holds the second most weight, 10% is a credit mix—installment loans, revolving lines of credit. So you want to have a credit mix or your score is not really going to move. So there’s 55 points you can capture there. And then you have inquiries. Inquiries make up 10% and that’s when every time you ask for credit, your score drops like 7 points or 11 points. If you get the card, it’s going to go up as long as you don’t have too many credit cards. That makes about 55% of 55 points of your score. Then about 15% is credit age. So someone who has very long history in their credit, like 15 years, 20 years, they’re doing really well.

B: How about any credit hacks you can share to increase one’s score if you keep getting denied for credit cards?

SE: The shopping cart method. It’s dope. So what you do is you take your computer and you have to erase everything, the history, and you have to allow popups. Once you go onto the web, you’re going to look at Comenity Bank credit cards only. You can look them up in so many stores like J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret.

So after you manipulate the computer by erasing your history and allowing pop-ups, you go onto the website and you put in your email address. A guest can create an email and then when it’s time to pay, the pop-up just comes up. You put like a hundred dollars’ worth of merchandise in the shopping cart. Then you go to pay and the message pops up. It’s going to say ‘Congratulations, you’ve been pre-approved for our credit card’. You’ve got to keep doing it. Cause it’s not always going to happen.

There’s a card called JD Williams. That’s the easiest one to get. Everyone gets that card. Victoria’s Secret, too. Sometimes you guys got to keep trying and trying and trying, but eventually you’re going to get it. And that’s how you do it. That’s how simple it is. So then you get pre-approved online and then you can go into the store and they’ll extend the credit card to you. They’re going to send the credit card to your address. You have to live at the address at least three years or more to get approved. You should apply for no more than three cards in a year. You need your cards to age cause after the first two cards your score starts to kind of like plateau.

(Photo: Nathan Pearcy/ @npearcypics; Creative Director: Divine Influence PR/ @divineinfluencepr)

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Credit Repair Companies

USA Credit Repair Review



Consumers looking into credit repair companies are faced with many different options, some better than others. USA Credit Repair falls short of meeting our standards in several areas, including quality of services, pricing structure, and sales practices. Our review breaks down these red flags and more to help you make the most informed decision when approaching credit repair.

Pros Explained

  • Free consultation: Get a credit repair consultation before deciding if you want to commit to services.
  • Offers an accelerated service: If you’re in a rush, you can pay for faster results.
  • Cancel anytime: USA Credit Repair doesn’t lock customers in with long-term contracts.
  • Online portal: Track your progress via a convenient account management portal.

Cons Explained

  • Misleading claims: USA Credit Repair makes several claims regarding fees and guaranteed results that could easily mislead customers.
  • Lack of pricing transparency: The company fails to disclose pricing online, forcing you to talk to a sales agent to get a quote.
  • Website difficult to navigate: It’s hard to find the information you need on USA Credit Repair’s website.
  • No educational resources: We typically like to see credit repair companies provide value with free educational materials, but USA Credit Repair doesn’t make these available.
  • Doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee: USA Credit Repair promises results within the first 30 days but doesn’t back this claim up with any type of financial guarantee.

Types of Services

USA Credit Repair’s services are limited to the bare minimum typically required of a credit repair company. There are no clearly defined service packages, just a single membership option with few opportunities for customization.

Credit report analysis

The first step in USA Credit Repair’s process is a credit report analysis. A credit expert reviews your credit reports in depth, looking for negative items bringing down your score. Each item is carefully examined to determine whether you might have grounds to dispute it with the credit bureau.

Credit disputes

If USA Credit Repair identifies items in your credit reports that are inaccurate, they’ll contact the credit bureaus on your behalf to initiate the dispute process. This includes filing appeals if a dispute is initially denied.

If you believe a credit reporting error comes from the lender’s side, you can also have USA Credit Repair send a validation request to ask for proof that the debt is legitimate. Finally, the company handles goodwill interventions, which can be an option for a small number of people with a single negative mark but overall good credit. If the item is accurate but an anomaly on your report, you may be able to have it removed just by showing an otherwise positive payment history.

Optional Add-ons

Credit repair companies sometimes sell add-ons to their core packages for an extra fee. For example, they may offer credit monitoring or identity theft protection to be used in tandem with their credit repair services. USA Credit Repair doesn’t make any of these available, although it does provide one optional service to speed up the credit repair process.

Accelerated program

Unexpected credit reporting errors can hold up time-sensitive processes such as applying for a mortgage. If you’re on a tight schedule, USA Credit Repair’s accelerated program provides faster results for an additional upfront fee. However, the company doesn’t say exactly how much more efficient its accelerated program is compared to standard service. Without any guarantees, it’s hard to say whether this add-on is even worth it.

Customer Service

Like most credit repair companies, USA Credit Repair stays in touch with customers via phone and email. Operating hours are somewhat limited, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. EST. The company also hosts an online portal where customers can log in and check the status of their credit repair case 24/7.

Each customer is assigned a dedicated case representative who oversees their entire credit repair process from start to finish. While this is fairly common, not every company does it and it makes a big difference in the overall customer experience. With a designated case manager, you’ll always have someone to talk to who is familiar with your specific situation.

Company Reputation

USA Credit Repair’s reputation among customers is mixed. To the company’s credit, it has no complaints registered with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which keeps a record of customer-reported issues related to poor business practices and potential legal violations. It also has an average 4-star rating on Google with mixed positive and negative reviews.

However, USA Credit Repair has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and a pile of concerning complaints. Many former customers claim that they were charged hundreds of dollars in advance for services that failed to produce results. There are also reports of harassing phone calls after discontinuing services with the company.

Just because a company doesn’t have any complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau doesn’t make it automatically trustworthy. Most consumers don’t know about the CFPB complaint database, and it’s not uncommon for smaller companies like USA Credit Repair to have no complaints. In addition to vetting companies through the CFPB database, you should also look at other resources like the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and Google Reviews.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the FTC or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract Duration

On its website, USA Credit Repair advertises that it has no contracts and offers a “month to month” service that customers can cancel anytime. But according to testimonials from former clients, this isn’t exactly the whole truth. Many customer complaints allege that company representatives convinced them to pay for multiple months ahead of time in one lump sum, typically in three-month quantities. Although this may not technically be considered a long-term contract, it’s a problematic practice, to say the least.


Our most pressing concern while reviewing USA Credit Repair was its pricing structure. First and foremost, the company doesn’t disclose its prices online. This is typically a red flag, as it forces customers to talk to a sales representative just to get a quote, which opens up opportunities for pitfalls. Pricing may vary by individual and plan, although according to the information we received and reports from customers, base pricing is around $99 per month.

With that said, an overwhelming number of former customers claim that they were charged upward of $300 in advance for multiple months of service. This typically appears to happen after the customer calls in and is convinced by a company representative that their credit repair case will take a certain number of months to resolve. Those who enroll in the accelerated program can expect to pay an additional $350 fee on top of regular service charges.

USA Credit Repair also publishes some misleading information on its website regarding its fee structure. The company advertises no upfront fees, but this is a moot point since the Credit Repair Organizations Act makes it against the law for credit repair companies to collect payment before services have been rendered. To make things worse, hidden in the website’s fine print is a disclaimer that states “an initial setup work fee will be charged within the first week or once initial work is completed.”

One other item we found missing was a discount for couples. It’s fairly standard for credit repair companies to give couples a break on fees when signing up since their reports share much of the same information. With USA Credit Repair, couples have to pay full price for two individual memberships.

The one silver lining is that USA Credit Repair’s initial consultation is free. Not every credit repair company does this. A free consultation is a good opportunity to ask the company hard questions about whether any items stand out on your report as potential errors. If the representative is unable to point to any legitimate mistakes, credit repair may not be necessary for you.

Remember that credit repair companies can’t work magic. If all the information on your credit report is accurate and there are no errors to dispute, you’ll only be able to improve your credit by keeping debt low and making consistent on-time payments.

The Competition: USA Credit Repair vs. CreditNerds

To see if USA Credit Repair was worth the $99 monthly fee, we compared it to CreditNerds, a competitor that offers free basic credit repair. Instead of collecting fees from its customers, CreditNerds makes money by referring clients to affiliate partners.

We were unable to find anything significant in USA Credit Repair’s service offering that wasn’t available through the free CreditNerds plan. If that wasn’t enough, CreditNerds provides some of the most advanced educational tools in the industry—also without charging a dime. CreditNerds gives USA Credit Repair a run for its money and is absolutely worth considering before you sign up for a paid plan.

  USA Credit Repair CreditNerds
Year Founded 2004 2007
Services Offered Credit repair Credit repair, funding
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email, client portal Phone, email, client portal
Upfront Fee $99.00 $0
Monthly Fee $99.00 $0


Overall, we aren’t impressed with USA Credit Repair’s limited services, especially given the company’s relatively high fee of $99 per month. Several competitors offer complete service packages at significantly lower prices, many of which take a more effective approach that includes credit education and long-term financial planning. Even if USA Credit Repair did provide better value, the company’s advertising practices and lack of transparency make us concerned that customers could easily be misled and fall into traps.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

Since the credit repair industry is well-known for leading consumers astray, we take a highly critical approach to reviewing companies. Our scoring system analyzes quality of services and pricing, comparing them to industry standards and best practices. We look at each company’s marketing language and flag any misleading terminology. We also give higher scores to companies that provide educational materials to help customers achieve long-term financial success.

Learn more: Read our full Credit Repair Review Methodology here.

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Credit Repair Companies Credit Repair Review



One of the most well-known credit repair companies, has been helping consumers address credit disputes since the late 1990s. But just because a credit repair company has spent decades in business doesn’t mean it offers the best services. While has a competitive range of plans, there are also a few red flags you should know about before you decide to enroll in credit repair services.

Pros Explained

  • Offers a free credit evaluation: Get a free online credit snapshot that includes your credit score, a summary of the negative items on your report, and suggestions for how to address them.
  • Choose from three service levels: offers options for basic, moderate, or aggressive credit repair based on your needs.
  • Robust educational library: Even non-customers can take advantage of the free credit information, videos, and interactive calculators at
  • Mobile app available: Download the free mobile app to track your progress and get alerts.
  • Option for in-house credit monitoring: Two of’s three service packages include ongoing credit monitoring and alerts.

Cons Explained

  • Poor customer reviews: gets consistently poor feedback across multiple review sources.
  • Lacks full pricing transparency: Pricing isn’t disclosed up front on’s website, and you need to watch out for hidden fees.
  • Limited monthly disputes: Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll only get 15 to 19 disputes per month.
  • Not available in all locations: may be unable to offer services in your area of residence due to lack of local legal representation. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t disclose its service areas; you’ll have to enter your address to find out.
  • No money-back guarantee: Many competitors offer a refund if they aren’t able to remove any items from your report, but doesn’t have a similar policy.

Types of Services offers three service packages with tiered levels of service. These are designed with the idea that not all customers need the same level of support in repairing their credit; some may just have one or two errors to be corrected while others are in need of a complete overhaul. This allows customers to save money by not paying for services they aren’t likely to ever use.

Direct Plan

The entry-level Direct Plan is the one most suited for individuals with an overall decent credit history, but who could benefit from correcting a small number of errors on their report. The plan comes with up to 15 disputes per month (five per credit bureau), a quarterly credit score update, and access to customer service as needed. However, will not dispute inaccurate hard inquiries on your report with this plan.

Standard Plan

The next step up is the Standard Plan. This package includes the same number of monthly credit disputes and credit score checks, but adds a few features useful to those with more extensive credit repair needs. In addition to your quarterly credit score, you’ll also get a personalized analysis as to what has changed and what could still be improved. Ongoing credit monitoring is included with alerts sent anytime there is a significant change. will also dispute hard inquiries on your behalf.

Advanced Plan

If you have extremely poor credit and need improvements that go beyond disputing inaccurate information, the Advanced Plan may be more suited to your needs. The package includes roughly the same credit repair benefits as the Standard Plan, although you’ll get 19 disputes per month instead of 15. However, the plan also comes with $1 million in identity theft insurance and access to personal finance tracking tools to help you better manage your open credit accounts.

Service Direct Plan Standard Plan Advanced Plan
Monthly items disputed 19 15 15
Credit score checked Monthly Quarterly Quarterly
Credit score analysis Monthly Quarterly  
Customer support
Credit monitoring  
Hard inquiry disputes  
Identity theft insurance    
Credit account management tool    

Optional Add-ons

Between’s three tailored plans, there isn’t much need for add-on services. With that said, the company does sell one optional extra that can be tacked onto any package.  

Quickstart Service

If you’ve just discovered errors in your credit report while in the process of a major financial event (such as applying for a mortgage), you’re probably on a tight schedule to correct the issue.’s Quickstart service charges a small one-time fee to automatically retrieve your TransUnion credit report from partner site and load it into their system. This can save a bit of time as won’t have to wait to start looking through your report.

Pay close attention as you’re completing the checkout process on The company automatically checks the box selecting Quickstart, and unless you uncheck it, you’ll be charged an extra $14.99 for a service that you may not want or need.

Customer Service’s main customer service touchpoints are via email and phone, the latter of which is operated Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. MST.

Customers can also download a mobile app for easier access to their account dashboard and credit score tracker. The app is available for both iOS and Android and gets generally positive reviews with at least four-star ratings in both app stores.

Company Reputation

From an objective standpoint,’s services appear to offer good value with a broad range of services. Unfortunately, however, many customers seem to disagree. The company has a D rating from the Better Business Bureau, 62 complaints in the past three years, and a three-star average rating.

More worrisome is that has been the subject of 16 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the past three years and was even sued by the agency in 2019. According to the lawsuit, and a competitor owned by the same holding company, Lexington Law, both violated telemarketing laws and charged illegal credit repair fees before any service had been rendered. This violates the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which states credit repair companies cannot collect payment before providing their services.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the FTC or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract Duration

None of’s service plans are subject to contracts, meaning you can cancel anytime without penalty. According to the company, most customers need to pay membership fees for an average of six months to see results.

Cost prices its services according to the table below, with fees ranging between $69.95 and $119.95 per month depending on the plan you choose. Those who select the Quickstart service will incur an additional one-time fee of $14.99.

  Direct Plan Standard Plan Advanced Plan
Monthly fee $69.95 $99.95 $119.95

To stay in compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, calls its first month of membership fees a “first work fee”. This is because credit repair companies aren’t allowed to start charging monthly fees until they’ve already begun performing work. From a practical standpoint, this doesn’t change anything for the consumer, but it’s something to be aware of as you’re signing up for credit repair.

The Competition: vs. The Credit Pros

No two credit repair services are the same. To gauge how stacks up against the competition, we pitted it against The Credit Pros. Both companies charge similar monthly fees for their entry-level plans, although The Credit Pros’ most premium plan is pricier than’s most expensive option. The Credit Pros also charges a significant upfront fee whereas has none.

While The Credit Pros is higher in price, we find the difference justified. All packages include credit monitoring and identity theft protection, items only offers with higher-tier plans. The Credit Pros will also submit unlimited disputes on your behalf, while places a cap on the number of disputes per month at each of its service levels. Finally, The Credit Pros offers financial management tools to all of its credit repair customers that doesn’t match. These include bill payment reminders, a budgeting system, and automatic syncing with your open accounts. The Credit Pros
Year Founded 1997 2009
Services Offered Credit repair, monitoring, identity theft protection Credit repair, monitoring, identity theft protection, financial planning
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email, mobile app Phone, email, client portal
Upfront Fee $0 $119.00 to $149.00
Monthly Fee $69.95 to $119.95 $69.00 to $149.00


Looking at’s plans and services, they seem to provide much better value than competitors, especially considering the inclusion of credit monitoring and identity theft protection with premium packages. However, we’re highly concerned with the volume of customer complaints and’s history of facing legislation from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s best to proceed with caution with this company.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

We assess a variety of factors to review credit repair companies, using a quantitative scoring system to assign each a total score out of five possible points. Our method looks at the services offered by each company, including the number and variety of plans available and their value in terms of pricing. We also look at each company’s reputation among customers and with third-party agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Finally, we walk through the customer purchasing experience to see what you can expect if you decide to enroll in credit monitoring services.

Learn more: Read our full Credit Repair Review Methodology here.

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Credit Repair Companies

ADR Financial Group makes its name as one of The Best Credit Repair Companies in the USA



Your credit score plays a vital role when it comes to buying a car, purchasing a home or obtaining a loan for any other purpose like starting a business. In cases where you have a lower credit score, these purchases may become unrealistic and impossible to achieve. It may result in having to pay higher interest rates or putting down a large down payment. Having negative marks on your credit report will hamper your creditworthiness which is why it is important to stay on top of your finances. 

Within a short period of time, ADR Financial Group quickly raised to the top as one of the best credit repair companies in the United States. Founded by Alexis (“Lex”) DeWitt and Ratiq (“Rocky”) DeWitt, ADR Financial Group is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. ADR Financial  Group is dedicatedly assisting their  its clients with the removal of inaccurate, erroneous, and unverifiable accounts on their credit report. With a mission to deliver a clean credit profile to its their clients, ADR Financial Group also educates their clients on how to achieve the highest credit scores during restoration. 

ADR Financial  Group is not your typically credit repair company.  What separates ADR apart from all, is the fact that their program is personalized to fit their client needs,  rather than providing a generic procedure for all. Although credit is an important aspect of life it is not taught in schools or institutions. This is the sole reason behind the establishment of ADR Financial Group. Over the years, ADR helped many of their clients reach their financial goals . Till date, ADR has helped more than 700 families purchase their dream home, removed more than $17 million of debt from credit reports and deleted over 72,000 negative accounts.

Some of the services offered by the company are Full-Service Credit repair, DIY Credit Repair, Tradelines, Credit Education, Business Credit and Credit Monitoring. Moreover, ADR also teaches other entrepreneurs how to start their own credit repair company to help change lives. Check out their website if you’re interested in their services. 

In the next 5 years, the company plans to be a pioneer for all those who find difficulty in purchasing their homes. ADRs target is to help 5000 families in building a home of their dreams. Besides this, ADR plans to make financial literacy a topic of discussion in many schools and households. ADR is making a significant impact in urban 

(Syndicated press content)

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