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Elective stupidity



Stupidity is a choice.

Not entirely, perhaps. Broad generalizations are generally stupid. (There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who believe stupid things like “there are two kinds of people in the world” and those who understand the world is complicated and haunted.) But, generally, stupidity is like happiness–something most of us can achieve or resist.

My source on this is general experience. I have spent my life studying people, investigating them, asking them questions. Most of them are average, no matter what their station in life. All of them are special too, in some ways. Some of them have remarkable talents. Some of them can jump high or run fast. Some can produce beautiful tones with their breath and/or their hands. Some of them have reservoirs of patience and can lean into the task at hand with great powers of concentration.

That is why human beings are fascinating. We are all alike, and all different. Most of us can do something that the rest find surprising. (I do not know if this makes us unique among other species, because I haven’t studied other species as closely as I have our own, but to me it looks like all squirrels possess about the same level of athleticism, and while it is apparent that some dogs are smarter than others, none of them seem to amaze–or even very much impress–other dogs.)

Yet, aside from their special abilities, which a lot of them will tell you are just things they learned to do, these people are pretty much like other people. I’ve never met Michael Jordan, but I bet if you knew him you’d probably think of him a lot differently than those of us who only know him through his basketball exploits and brand representations. You would know the ordinary Mike, and you would understand that he, like the rest of us, has to make an active choice between happiness and unhappiness, between being stupid and being engaged with the wider world as it presents itself to our limited senses.

Even smart people are capable of embracing stupidity, and most of us are stupid in some ways. I might even argue that it’s healthy to be a little stupid about things that don’t matter, things like sports and pop culture and muscle cars and Scotch. Our poor brains work so hard and illuminate so little that it can be a relief and a pleasure to give in to the mystery. Like the guy says, you gotta have faith.

Still, you have to have faith in the right things. It’s dangerous to have faith in politicians and salespeople, though we need politicians and salespeople. It’s dangerous to have faith in newspaper columnists. And it’s really dangerous to have faith in YouTube videos and Tumblr posts.

I have been witnessing and writing about the stupidification of the world since at least the 1980s. The working title of my 1997 book The Shortstop’s Son (which you can order from the University of Arkansas Press) was The Tyranny of the Dull Normal, which was sort of a in-joke based on a certain fashion for similar titles that graced a slew of non-fiction best-sellers in the late ’80s and early ’90s, but also referred to a particular 1990 essay collected in the book about the way we were creeping toward imbecility in our responses to manufactured pop outrages by the likes of Madonna, 2 Live Crew and Andrew Dice Clay. (And Peter Handke, who’d go on to win a Nobel Prize for literature.)

Other essays in that book included a 1996 piece that notes how we “sign up as members of a thought tribe in lieu of genuine thinking” and a 1994 piece about the dangers of the new Fox News Division that ended thusly: “The truth is, we’ve become Foxonian creatures, communicating in catch phrases and obscene gestures.”

I wasn’t prescient; I was reporting. Lots of people were saying the same things at the same time, and had been saying similar things for years. Choosing stupidity isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s always been an option. (Though maybe it used to be more instantly dangerous.)

Given a choice between tough reality-based information and comforting lies, most of us will take the comforting lies. If someone tells us that we’re better off not brushing our teeth and not making our beds, we’re willing to entertain their argument. We like fast food and “reality” TV and can’t bear to be bored or to be told that our loud obsession with the Harry Potter/Star Wars/Marvel Cinematic universe isn’t exactly becoming for a grown-up. What we have now in this country, in this world, is the direct result of a decades-long diet of sweet, comforting and unchallenging empty calories.

Don’t let your kids go to college, lest they be “indoctrinated” by “liberal” professors who actually believe in intellectual discipline. Don’t exercise because that does nothing but deplete the finite store of physical energy your body was granted at birth. Get your news off TV and choose the flavor tailored to flatter your particular worldview. Get your philosophy from some guy selling credit repair and commemorative gold coins on the radio. Nobody really reads those books; they just line their bookcases with them to look smart. Math is important, but you can do it on a calculator. Everything you need to know is right there, in your own gut. Expertise doesn’t matter.

We should have seen this coming. Many did, but more started to take offense at big words and the idea that anyone could possibly know more about something than they do just because they’ve devoted their lives to knowing more.

People use big words to make me feel dumb. But I’m not dumb, I’m a great American.

Vote for whoever tells you the best story, whoever makes you feel best about yourself. It doesn’t matter anyway.

Covid-19 is just a “little flu.” Or, if you want, it’s a plot by billionaires designed to undermine the support of a stable genius American hero chosen by God to root out the cabal of pedophiles that secretly runs the world.

So we deserve this. We didn’t do our homework, we binged on The Bachelor.

We chose stupidity.

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Editorial on 05/17/2020

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Comprehensive Research in Global Debt Consolidation Market 2020-2026




Global Debt Consolidation Market Research Report presents the overview and in depth study of worldwide Debt Consolidation Market for achieving throughout understanding and business intelligence of the market with the Financial & Industrial Analysis of key players, companies, region, types, applications and its future scope in the industry till 2027.

The Debt Consolidation market revenue was valued at xx.xx Million USD in 2020 and it is expected to reach xx.xx Million USD in 2027, with a CAGR of x.x% during 2020-2027. Based on the Debt Consolidation industrial chain, this report mainly elaborates the definition, types, applications and major players of Debt Consolidation market in details.

Get Sample Brochure(PDF) of Debt Consolidation market at:

Deep analysis about market status (2014-2020), enterprise competition pattern, advantages and disadvantages of enterprise products, industry development trends (2020-2024), regional industrial layout characteristics and macroeconomic policies, industrial policy has also be included.

From raw materials to downstream buyers of this industry will be analyzed scientifically, the feature of product circulation and sales channel will be presented as well. In a word, this report will help you to establish a panorama of industrial development and characteristics of the Debt Consolidation market.

The Debt Consolidation market can be split based on product types, major applications, and important regions.

Major Players in Debt Consolidation market are:
• Mozo
• Canstar
• Credit Repair Australia
• Australian Debt Agreements
• Think Money
• Debt Negotiators
• The DCS Group has
• Debt Cutter
• Sort My Debt
• Clear Credit Solutions
• Australian Debt Solvers
• Australian Lending Center


Most important types of Debt Consolidation products covered in this report are:
• Credit Card Debt
• Overdrafts or Loans
• Others

Most widely used downstream fields of Debt Consolidation market covered in this report are:
• Enterprise
• Private

Major Regions that plays a vital role in Debt Consolidation market are:
North America
Middle East & Africa
South America


Request to Purchase the Full Debt Consolidation market report at:

There are 13 Chapters to thoroughly display the Debt Consolidation market. This report included the analysis of market overview, market characteristics, industry chain, competition landscape, historical and future data by types, applications and regions.

Chapter 1: Debt Consolidation Market Overview, Product Overview, Market Segmentation, Market Overview of Regions, Market Dynamics, Limitations, Opportunities and Industry News and Policies.

Chapter 2: Debt Consolidation Industry Chain Analysis, Upstream Raw Material Suppliers, Major Players, Production Process Analysis, Cost Analysis, Market

Channels and Major Downstream Buyers.

Chapter 3: Value Analysis, Production, Growth Rate and Price Analysis by Type of Debt Consolidation.

Chapter 4: Downstream Characteristics, Consumption and Market Share by Application of Debt Consolidation.

Chapter 5: Production Volume, Price, Gross Margin, and Revenue ($) of Debt Consolidation by Regions (2014-2020).

Chapter 6: Debt Consolidation Production, Consumption, Export and Import by Regions (2014-2020).

Chapter 7: Debt Consolidation Market Status and SWOT Analysis by Regions.

Chapter 8: Competitive Landscape, Product Introduction, Company Profiles, Market Distribution Status by Players of Debt Consolidation.

Chapter 9: Debt Consolidation Market Analysis and Forecast by Type and Application (2020-2024).

Chapter 10: Market Analysis and Forecast by Regions (2020-2024).

Chapter 11: Industry Characteristics, Key Factors, New Entrants SWOT Analysis, Investment Feasibility Analysis.

Chapter 12: Market Conclusion of the Whole Report.

Chapter 13: Appendix Such as Methodology and Data Resources of This Research.

About Us
Decision Market Reports is a one-stop solution, covers market research studies of all the industries, companies and regions. DMR aims at providing quality research, and insights about every market to helps our clients in taking right decisions. Our repository consists of most trending industry reports, niche areas, and leading company profiles. A comprehensive collection of reports is updated daily to offer hassle-free access to our latest updated report databases.

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Gasper James
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US Toll Free +18666051052
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How Tiffaney Williams Has Taken Over the Financial Literacy Space and Has Made a National Name for Herself



NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2020 / With over ten years of valuable experience, Tiffaney Williams, a leading financial strategist, has dedicated her life towards helping individuals gain financial freedom by restoring credit, building businesses to multiple 6 figures, and creating multiple streams of opportunities for income. Tiffaney is proud to be a Certified Credit Counselor, with a master’s degree in economics and over 10,000 credit repair success stories, as well as over 500 business testimonials. On top of an already impressive resume, she is also nationally acclaimed in the financial industry with over 20 features from highly syndicated news appearances, including NBC, USA Today, CBS, FOX ABC, Future Sharks, and more.

In order to achieve such high levels of success, great motivation is necessary. For Tiffaney, she found motivation by being a voice for the voiceless. Many of the people with her same upbringing are labeled a statistic, but Tiffaney knew there was more to it, and that she could be the one to change it.

“I knew in order to do better, I had to be better. I had my son Michael during my senior year of high school. I felt all my dreams had shattered. I quickly realized my son, the greatest gift of all time, wouldn’t be the reason my dreams shattered, and it wouldn’t be me. We must hold ourselves accountable and do what we say, be what we want, and obtain what we desire. My mindset has always been to focus on my focus,” Tiffaney explains.

To make her even more impressive, Tiffaney accomplished all of this in a male-dominated industry as a black woman, defying all expectations, and proving her individualism. What allowed her to rise to the top was that she sees herself as a coach of experience, not a coach of just book smarts and theory.

“I mastered what not to do first so I could teach others what to do the first time. What makes me different is that I understand the psychology of wealth strategies, which are to start mentally first. I coach from mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial perspectives, providing a well-rounded and therefore effective approach,” Tiffaney explains.

Instead of letting disadvantages keep her down, Tiffaney was able to find a way to make them work for her, inspiring her to work harder. Tiffaney was inspired by her own experiences with lack of knowledge, financial literacy, and money management. She wanted more money at the time, not realizing until later that money was nothing to wealth.

“Coming from a low-income family, I knew I had to level up, because my heart desired being rich, not knowing it to be more than the kind of “rich” than what you see on TV. Now, I am inspired to inspire others. My goal later was to teach my community what I now knew and understood. I wanted to teach and educate my community so they can make sound financial decisions to their benefit,” Tiffaney says.

Often, Tiffaney believes, people overthink and try to live a perfect life without mistakes. This is a pitfall many fall into, and Tiffaney frames this as an emotional way to live, which is motivated by a fear of failure – a negative place for motivation to be born. Tiffaney believes that we need to live strategically, rather than emotionally, to be fulfilled in our daily lives.

“You have to execute and be okay with knowing there are always going to be bumps in the road. The experience of losses teaching us lessons are what creates a dynamic entrepreneur. Someone who can go through the journey of entrepreneurship and still make it to the finish line, will find success a million times,” Tiffaney says.

While her positive and directed attitude separates Tiffaney from the competition, she admits she doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about her competitors. She believes worrying about others in her field is a significant waste of her energy and time that are much better spent elsewhere in areas that will propel her forward.

“There are over 4 million people in the US alone. With those numbers, I only have time to focus on looking for people that are looking for me. I focus on being goal-oriented, self-motivated and results-driven. I don’t just solve one problem, I solve massive problems,” Tiffaney says.

To stay up to date with all that Tiffaney is doing, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Paula Henderson

About VIP Media Group:
VIP Media Group is a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base includes top-class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.

SOURCE: VIP Media Group

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Black-Owned Businesses Pioneer Black Friday by Accepting Cryptocurrency



ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year’s Black Friday is developing into a profound shopping experience for the Black community, thanks to the Black founded cryptocurrency Guapcoin ($GUAP), in conjunction with a movement called “Guap Friday”.

Every Black Friday, shoppers search for the best discounts possible, which are usually offered by retail giants like Walmart and Amazon. While initiatives like Small Business Saturday encourage buyers to support local creatives and shops, there is rarely such a strong effort to support and market Black business owners. And as COVID-19 has had a greater impact on Black entrepreneurs than any other demographic, this holiday season will be especially challenging.

The organizers of Guap Friday are taking this opportunity to introduce the Black community to shopping with their own digital currencies like Guapcoin. Cryptocurrencies offer a safe, smart alternative to dollars. An increasing number of merchants are accepting digital currencies, and Guapcoin may be the best way to track and grow a real Black dollar.

Real “Black Dollars” Data

With blockchain and cryptocurrency, Guapcoin aims to dispel the myth of the “disappearing dollar” with data that demonstrates the potential growth factor not just to coin holders, but to future businesses and investors in Black entrepreneurs. In order to achieve this, Guap Friday is partnering with blockchain analytics platform TrustB, which promises to bring real data analytics to Black spending, as well as the means to measure Guapcoin’s impact.

What Can People Buy on Guap Friday?

Guap Friday will feature mostly Black-owned businesses that offer a wide variety of products and services. Merchants will be selling goods such as electronics, books, makeup, jewelry, haircare, skincare, clothing, handbags, and healthcare. Additionally, services available for purchase will be credit repair, astrology and tarot readings, legal advice, beauty classes, financial planning, and weight loss. Guap Friday will be adding new merchants all the way up to November 27. Merchants who want to participate in Guap Friday can learn more on the Guap Friday website.

Customers interested in supporting Black-owned businesses during Guap Friday will have to get some $GUAP in order to shop on the platform. Guap Friday will release further instructions on their website in the coming days. Currently, Guapcoin is available on the Exchange. A Peer-to-Peer Exchange will also launch in November, which will allow users to buy and sell crypto directly from each other without a third party.

About Guapcoin

Developed in 2017 by Tavonia Evans, Guapcoin’s primary mission is to provide a sound and revolutionary economic base for the underserved and underestimated Black community, with a focus on building generational wealth. Guapcoin seeks to educate the community about blockchain and spark a revolution within consumer patterns. Learn more about Guapcoin and how to purchase the cryptocurrency on their website.

Media Contact:
Toya McCormack
Phone: 404.919.7590
Email: [email protected]

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Guap Friday

Tavonia Evans
Founder of Guapcoin Cryptocurrency

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