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Credit Restoration Tips for 2020 • Benzinga



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Even those with the best of financial intentions can find themselves with less-than-stellar credit. A few missed payments or a jump in your credit use from an unexpected expense can be all it takes to lower your score and damage your creditworthiness. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry — repairing your credit can be within reach. 

A credit restoration service can make all the difference. Use Benzinga’s list of great credit restoration services and our credit restoration tips to get started on the road to financial recovery.

Best Credit Restoration Services

Restoring your credit on your own can feel like an uphill battle. Enlisting the help of a professional credit monitoring service can keep you on the right track. 

Best for Credit Education: offers credit restoration and education. Checking your credit score is free when you sign up with Once you have a solid idea where you stand, will challenge any iffy negative marks on your report. 

The platform asks creditors to verify any items they’re reporting. Legally, if a remark can’t be verified, the creditor has to stop reporting it and it can be removed from your credit report.

Once every potentially improper negative remark has been investigated and removed if applicable, continues to keep an eye on your credit report. When or if other issues arise, will help you handle them. offers more than credit repair. It also has a solid stock of financial and credit literacy resources. You’ll find easy to understand lessons (with awesome graphics for those of us who do better with visuals) on everything from understanding your score to improving it. These tools are accessible to anybody with a account. 

Call or visit its website today to get your free 10-minute credit analysis.

Cost: $99.95 per month for the most advanced coverage; basic and moderate coverage available