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Credit Repair Companies

Credit Repair Companies Highly Recommended by Experts



Credit repair companies can improve your credit score, especially if your damaged credit history feels like too much to tackle alone. These companies will review your credit reports and work to remove negative information.  This may include negotiating with your creditors, as well as, disputing inaccuracies with the credit bureaus.  As the negative marks disappear, your credit scores will improve.

Credit repair companies typically charge a fee to improve your credit score.  According to research, most companies charge first work fee, ranging from $21 to $149. After that, you can expect to pay $21 to $149 per month. It may take up to six months or longer to improve your credit score, depending on your situation.

Knowing where to get help when your credit scores have taken a dive, either from financial missteps or plain old neglect, is very important. We’ve picked some of the best credit companies on the market right now to explore below:

 CMJ Credit Repair Services, LLC

Many who have joined this company’s credit repair program enjoy a more personalized  experience indicative of family owned businesses, yet receive the service and professionalism expected of a large corporation.  This Tampa, Florida based company is hands-on with clients and offers a $297 Initial Fee for Credit Audit, Analysis and Document Processing and charges $197 a month for disputing to three bureaus.

For more information contact [email protected].

Credit Boosters USA

This New York state based credit repair company was started by an immigrant to help individuals, families and businesses achieve their maximum possible credit scores.  Using the law to correct credit report errors coupled with credit consulting, Credit Boosters achieves desired results for clients.  Credit Boosters mission is to helping as many people boost their credit scores as possible.  Owner, JR Jimenez, is the author of the upcoming book, “The Book on Boosting Credit: An Insider’s Guide to A High Credit Score.”  Credit Boosters charges $149 for a credit analysis and $99 monthly. The first 100 readers to mention this article will receive a waiver of Credit Boosters’  credit analysis fee and a reduction of their monthly fee to $1.oo for the first month of service.

For more information: 

Credit Boss Financial Services

This credit repair company knows the overwhelming feelings and frustrations of living with bad credit. Credit Boss has succeeded helping thousands repair, build and understand how to leverage credit to live the life they deserve. If you’re looking for a company to listen to your credit challenges and financial needs, and fight to turn your bad credit into excellent credit, call Credit Boss. First work fee is $189. For more information contact [email protected]

Credit Leap Gurus

This Las Vegas, Nevada based credit repair company offers client’s expertise, efficiency, and transparency in the credit repair process.  Credit Leap Gurus offer’s a money back guarantee.  Low first work fee of $149. For more information visit

Credit SMARTS      

Credit SMARTS is home of the $1 Veteran enrollment.  This Veteran-founded credit repair agency was started to help fellow Veterans improve their credit scores.  Credit SMARTS’ owner knew from personal experience the negative impact of credit, and recognized the need to become an credit education expert to better serve the Phoenix, Arizona veteran and civilian communities.  Credit SMARTS provides clients a list of steps, that when followed, gives clients the upper hand. First work fee is $99 for civilians and $1 for veterans. For more information visit

Credit Up 24-7          

Realizes each client has different needs and offers free one-on-one consultations with their experienced credit advisors. Credit Up provides excellent customer service with quick responses to our client’s questions, personalized plans for each client and free credit monitoring with service.  This Ontario, California based credit repair company introduces clients to second chance creditors to aid with rebuilding credit so clients can restore their purchasing power and qualify for financing with low interest rates. First work fee is $199. For more information:

Dreams2Reality Credit Repair       

This Fort Worth, Texes based credit repair company’s mission is to educate the young and old about the importance of credit and how it works. Dreams2Reality Credit Repair teaches clients that with financial literacy skills and a budget, their dreams can become reality.  The credit repair company factually disputes negative items on credit reports, and educates clients how to build positive credit. First work fee is $149 and $89 per month.  For more info visit:        

Elevation Credit LLC          

Founder, Arneedia, learned the importance of credit from her grandmother. In Arneedia’s early 20’s, she was unable to qualify for a car loan.  It was her grandmother’s “nearly perfect” credit that helped Arneedia drive off the auto lot with no down payment and a loan with a low interest rate.  Arneedia’s goal with her Miami, Florida based credit repair company is to educate others on the power of credit, like her grandmother did for her.  First work fee is $149.    For more information visit


Founded 4 years ago, FICOfinesse is one of Brooklyn’s most rapidly growing credit restoration companies.  FICOfinesses’ Executive Director, Hannibal Collins, is on a fervent mission to teach Financial Literacy to the community. He has taught at churches, schools, on Business panels, at women’s empowerment events and more.

Collins’ passionate enthusiasm results in an amazing culture enjoyed by employees and clients.   This credit repair organization has helped customers qualify for home and vehicle lows with low interest rates, start LLC’s, purchase investment properties, earn credit card rewards and triple their credit card limits.  First work fee is a low $21.

For more information visit [email protected].

Fit & Fancy Finances           

Founded in 2014, this full service business development boutique located in Houston, Texas, goes beyond fixing credit.  Their diverse team of advisors offers notary public and signing agent assistance services in all 50 states and assistance with small business business start up and operation. Consider Fit & Fancy Finances a one stop shop for all your business and financial needs.  Plans start at  $149 and include a full credit audit, financial coaching, credit monitoring and a detailed report of your credit history.   For More Information: [email protected]

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Credit Repair Companies

Bad Credit Credit Cards – Workout My Credit Solutions Rises as an Authority in Credit Repair and Financial Education | Fintech Zoom



Bad Credit Credit Cards – Workout My Credit Solutions Rises as an Authority in Credit Repair and Financial Education

Quality of life is impacted by numerous factors, and one of its most significant determinants is a person’s financial health. For the most part, financial stability involves the ability to provide for themselves or their family members without putting a significant dent in their wallets. As a concept, financial stability as well as financial freedom is easy to understand but achieving and maintaining it is a whole new story. Today, millions of individuals around the world are struggling with money issues, some of which are caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. However, there are those contending with bad credit, in particular, as a result of ill-informed decisions, mismanagement, and more. Widely acclaimed for the extent to which it helps clients get their credit into shape, Workout My Credit Solutions, LLC has emerged as a go-to venture that is currently making waves in the industry.

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This emerging powerhouse was launched by Nicole Fisher, a 25-year-old serial entrepreneur who has earned recognition for her all-out attitude toward lending people a hand through her initiatives. Highly cognizant of the impact of bad credit on one’s financial health, she started Workout My Credit Solutions in May 2020 and, since then, has been making it possible for clients to get approved for credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans, to name a few.

In just a year, the credit repair company has seen impressive growth, reaching remarkable heights due to its consistent delivery of top-notch services. Apart from restoring one’s credit into its former glory, Workout My Credit Solutions also delivers financial education because it believes in the importance of equipping clients with the knowledge they need to handle their money better. It acknowledges the existing gaps in the current educational system where ample attention is not given to arming people with the skills they need to secure a financially stable future. “Our goal is to help clients understand how credit works while they are in the process of getting it fixed,” shares Nicole Fisher.

Also Read | Top 9 Upcoming Credit Repair Companies

Additionally, Workout My Credit Solutions, under the leadership of Nicole Fisher, enables clients to get pre-approved mortgage loans after having their credit repaired by this five-star company. The additional service is strategically designed and incorporated into its inventory of offerings to translate into reality the dreams of those wishing to own a home.

On track to taking center stage, Workout My Credit Solutions has been on the receiving end of excellent reviews from everyone who has come under its wing. It takes pride in the long list of accomplishments it managed to snag under its belt shortly after its establishment and is set to reach the forefront of the industry in the coming years.

With its dedication to pushing people toward financial freedom, Workout My Credit Solutions is bound to remain an impressive force. As it carves a path toward the summit, it plans to continue serving as a leading authority in credit repair and financial education.

Bad Credit Credit Cards – Workout My Credit Solutions Rises as an Authority in Credit Repair and Financial Education

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Credit Repair Companies

How Credit Repairers Work – Do They Really Help? – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines



According to the Condusef, credit repair companies, as their name indicates, are companies that can negotiate your debts and even clean up your negative image in the Credit Bureau. The body points out that it does not exist as a legal figure.

Credit repair firms are not supervised by the government and the way they operate is determined by their employees. The offer that they make to erase your credit history in the Credit Bureau in exchange for money is not possible, they cannot do it.

Some repair companies support people whose debts are greater than 30,000 pesos. Photo: My Pocket.

Some repair companies support people whose debts are greater than 30,000 pesos, on credit cards, debit cards, loans or departmental cards. Users may be behind with their payments, or have reached over-indebtedness or inability to pay.

Functions of credit repairers:

The Condusef points out that credit repair companies offer these services:

Legal and financial advice: They consider your income, your expenses and the debts you have, then they calculate the amount of money that you can dedicate to pay your debts or if they can get you another loan to put together the payment scheme. They negotiate on your behalf: They negotiate the restructuring with the credit institutions and also negotiate the reduction to the amount of your debt. They divert the calls of the collection offices to them: An attractive aspect of the service that the repair companies offer is that they free you from the phone calls of the collection offices of your creditors.

The Condusef clarifies that the discounts or discounts offered by credit repairers depend on negotiation and the goodwill of your creditors.

If you consider necessary the intervention of a repair company to solve your payment problems, the Condusef suggests that you analyze the contract, see if you agree with the conditions established there, the cost, in short, everything that they indicate and what would happen if you drop out of the program or fall behind, once again, with payments.

The Condusef also warns that some repair companies charge for each phase of the process and others a monthly fee or a percentage of the decrease in your debt.

The Condusef recommends, if you find yourself in trouble paying your debts, that instead of requesting the services of a credit repair company, you go to any credit institution that you owe and with them you see the possibility of renegotiating the payment conditions .

More information in our Credits Section.

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Credit Repair Companies

Intel Credit Consultants launches their new website – Press Release



With their new website launch, Intel Credit Consultants is seeking to serve its clients better and effectively by providing an easy to navigate platform

Credit repair company, Intel Credit Consultants has launched a new website. While making the announcement, the lead consultant at the company said they are seeking to provide better services to their customers at a time when people have been negatively affected by the effects of COVID 19 on the economy. The new website according to the company representative is easy to use and navigate with visitors finding what they need easily and quickly. “We are providing a platform where our customers and visitors can get all the information they are looking for easily. We understand the pain that people go through as they seek for information on credit repair, our newly upgraded platform is arranged in such a way that answers that you seek are answered and to your satisfaction,” said the company representative while articulating some of the features  they have included  to make their platform more user friendly and informative.

Apart from sections that articulate the company services and other related information, the website also contains a blog section where customers and visitors can find articles written by professional credit repair specialists. “As a company that believes in equipping its customers with information which help them make informed decisions , we will be posting well-researched and detailed articles that educate on credit repair and other financial matters,” said the company representative adding that this information is vital for any individual or business that is seeking to boost financial position.

Intel Credit Consultants has been providing credit repair services to its customers for a number of years growing to be one of the most trusted and reliable companies. According to the company representative, they are highly rated in the Google Reviews, something he attributed to quality services and superior customer support they have been providing to their customers. He added that with the new website, they will reach out to more people who are looking for credit repair assistance.

The credit repair company offers several packages including: Credit Wiz package which is a onetime purchase that allows lifetime access, gives access to documents and an option to become affiliate referrals. Finance plus package offers the customer different ways to remove negative info. Powerhouse package, elite credit repair and Elite financial repair are the other packages that customers can subscribe to, each providing several features which the company representative says are all aimed at providing superior credit repair services. The company spokesperson invites people seeking for credit repair services to visit the website and learn more about the packages.

For more information visit:

About Intel Credit Consultants

Intel Credit Consultants is a credit repair company that prioritizes on clients’ needs making sure they are equipped with information that helps them make informed credit decisions. The trustworthy and hardworking credit repair firm aims at helping its clients reach their full financial potential.  They are known for fast credit repair services targeting at seeing real improvement in client’s credit score in less than six weeks.

Media Contact
Company Name: Intel Credit Consultants
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 866.990.7175
Country: United States

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