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Best Credit Repair Companies for Results: Services to Fix Your Credit Score Fast



2. Experian Boost – Most Reputable Credit Repair Program

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Free of charge!

● FICO scores included

● Guaranteed rates

● Instant score improvement


● Checking account access required

Experian is one of three national credit bureaus (including TransUnion and Equifax) that calculates a credit score for you based on your credit report with them.

Knowing how important a high score is, Experian launched a 100 percent free service known as Experian Boost to help “boost” your score for good spending habits. This includes regular payments into investment or savings accounts, paying bills on time, and so on.

What’s more, the service promises there’s absolutely no risk to your current Experian credit score. Plus, it’s free!

We recommend Experian Boost for people with just below “good” or “excellent” scoring categories, since even a little boost could make you eligible for a whole range of different loan or credit products.

3. Lexington Law – Experienced Credit Repair Specialist

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●      Proven track record

●      Online contact options available

●      Free credit report consultation

●      Expert attorneys and paralegals

●      Offers cease and desist letters


●      No satisfaction guarantee

●      Financial Management (Premier Plus only)

Lexington Law is well known for credit repair services and guarantees accurate credit reporting with their expert team of professionals. Members of the group, such as paralegals, offer individual and personal support. Lexington Law also gives its customers access to their credit analysis and counseling plan with a handy mobile app.

Credit Repair Packages

●      Concord Standard ($89.95 per month package): This package, as the cheapest plan, includes creditor interventions and bureau challenges.

●      Concord Premier ($109.95 per month package): As well as bureau challenges and creditor interventions, this package also includes several other benefits: TransUnion alerts, ReportWatch, score analysis, and InquiryAssist.

●      Premier Plus ($129.95/month): As well as including everything that the standard and premier packages have to offer, the Premier Plus package also offers identity theft protection, a FICO score tracker, personal finance tools, and cease and desist letters. It’s up to you to decide which package best fits your needs and budget.

4. The Credit People – The Best Guarantee

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●      Straightforward pricing

●      Low one-time work fee

●      24/7 account access

●      FCRA-certified consultants


●      No access to financial management tools

●      No credit monitoring

The Credit People, rated as having the best guarantee, have two different memberships with clear pricing. If you’re not satisfied with either plan, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for the previous month’s payment, making it quite appealing.

Both memberships with this company include a $19 first work fee, unlimited credit disputes, and creditor reports. Furthermore, they also offer support that goes further than just credit reports; you’ll receive debt validation assistance and a six-month satisfaction guarantee with the flat-rate membership.

5. Credit Repair – Best Reviewed Credit Fixing Company

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●      Free credit analysis

●      Various credit repair services

●      50 percent off sign-up fee

●      Helpful tracking tools


●      Advanced plans are more expensive

Credit Repair is an excellent company for challenging inaccuracies and removing damaging items from your credit report. Once signed up to Credit Repair, the company will analyze your credit report for inaccurate items, build you a repair plan, and start challenging the negative things that harm your report the most.

There are three packages available, allowing you to choose whichever best suits your budget!

Credit Repair Packages

●      Direct ($69.95/month): This is the cheapest package available with credit repair and allows three creditor disputes per month and 15 negative challenges per month. This plan is great for people on a low budget with a few negative items needing to be tackled.

●      Standard ($99.95/month): This package has everything in the Direct package as well as hard inquiry challenges, cease and desist letters to creditors, credit score analysis every quarter, and credit monitoring.

●      Advanced ($119.95/month): This is the most expensive package that Credit Repair has to offer, although it includes a vast array of benefits, including 19 item challenges per month and six creditor disputes monthly. This package also includes personal finance tools, identity theft protection, and other things, such as receiving your monthly FICO score.

6. Ovation Credit – Top Credit Improvement Service for Customer Support

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●      Easy cancellation

●      Multiple discounts available

●      Financial management tools with both plans

●      Free credit consultation


●      No online application

●      Credit monitoring with the Essential Plus plan only

Ovation Credit is an excellent choice—especially considering all the discount options available. You could get a couple’s discount, senior discount, and even credit of up to $50 on your next monthly payment for switching companies or referring a friend. There are two plans available, so let’s have a look at them.

●      Essentials ($79 per month): This cheaper plan has an initial fee of $89, although you get a free consultation with a credit expert. It has loads of handy little add-ons like financial management tools, personal credit dispute processes, and your own personal case advisor who oversees your whole process and guides you through it.

●      Essentials Plus ($109 per month): Including everything within the Essentials plan, the Plus Plan will also give you unlimited disputes, goodwill letters to creditors, TransUnion credit monitoring, and an official Ovation recommendation letter to your potential lenders.

7. Sky Blue Credit – Cheap Credit Repair Services

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●      Easy online sign-up available

●      90-day money-back guarantee

●      Discounts are available

●      Reviews line by line credit reports


●      No monthly credit monitoring

●      No handy financial tools

Sky Blue Credit also allows you to take advantage of all its credit repair services through its simple pricing. Once signed up, each process takes around six months to complete, but the great thing is that cancellation is available to you at any point in the period.

The credit repair plans include credit score assistance, access to professional debt negotiation consultants, and initial analysis of disputable items. As well as the 90-day satisfaction guarantee, you can expect disputes for 15 negative items per each monthly cycle and a review of potential inaccuracies in your report.

The package costs $79 per month for a flat rate and $119 per month for couples.

8. Pyramid Credit Repair – Best Credit Improvement Service for Married Couples

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●      90-day money-back guarantee

●      Free consultation and no up-front fees

●      Quality customer support

●      Analysis and budgeting tools


●      Cannot remove accurate negative information

●      You may need to give supporting documentation

Pyramid Credit Repair is one of the most respected credit repair companies, taking control of customers’ finances to help improve their overall credit score. They work with credit repair bureaus and creditors until your issues have been resolved. It starts with a free credit assessment, and then an expert will help you through the action of obtaining your report.

●      Singles ($99 per month): As the cheapest plan, there are no additional costs to this package, you can cancel at any time, and there’s 24/7 support if you require it.

●      Couples ($198 per month): This is a great deal for couples, offering a personalized service for two. It gives 24/7 support, just like the Singles Plan, financial tools, and you can cancel at any time. Both plans have no contracts, meaning there are no strings attached.

Best Credit Repair Services: FAQs

Is it Worth Paying Someone to Fix Your Credit?

Yes. Because raising your credit is so impactful on your lifestyle, we believe it is worth paying someone to fix your credit as long as you choose the right agency for the job.

Nevertheless, there are several steps people can take to raise their credit score on their own. Staying on top of frequent monitoring will catch red flags that come up early in the process.

However, several of the larger credit repair companies will be able to catch things you might not, and your odds of success are much higher than trying to fix your credit on your own.

Instead of spending time fighting off harassing credit collectors and sending cease and desist letters, let a professional repair service do the work for you.

Can a Credit Repair Company Guarantee Errors Will Be Removed?

Whether a credit repair agency can guarantee errors will be removed is tricky to answer because it depends on what you’re disputing.

Although companies do their best to help raise your credit score, bureaus won’t simply delete credit information just because you’ve hired professional help—there have to be inaccuracies and errors for this to happen.

Why do Minor Infractions Have Such a Negative Impact on My Credit?

Minor infractions are small issues, yet this means that they’ll be more common than significant infractions. They’ll build up over time, creating a lot of negative information on your credit report.

How Can Credit Repair Companies Help?

A credit repair company could help you buy a house, take out a loan, or anything else that you might need money for (and, of course, a decent credit score for!).                                                        

By offering constant support, financial tools, and expert action, credit repair companies could help boost low credit scores while also helping you monitor your credit for errors.

How Can I Avoid Credit Repair Scams?

A great way to avoid getting caught up in a credit repair scam is by keeping an eye out for the following red flags.

Get ahold of the contract. You may not be given the contract to view beforehand—don’t sign anything when you don’t know what you’re signing up for! The name and business address of the company should also be clearly visible.

Check the terms and conditions. Additionally, you might be getting scammed if the contract doesn’t include the amount you’re being charged or the date by which the services will be carried out.

Make sure you can cancel. You should receive a statement letting you know you can cancel the contract if you choose to.

Don’t pay any up-front fees. If you’ve been asked for a payment before any services are performed, see this as a red flag since the law disallows credit repair agencies from charging up-front fees.

Top Credit Repair Companies: The Takeaway

Always do your research first to make sure you’re hiring the best credit repair company for you—all our top picks are remarkable for their own reasons. However, some may suit you better than others, especially when there are different services and prices on offer.

Overall, we’ve rated Credit Saint as the top credit repair company due to its multiple different options to suit different budgets, clear-cut pricing, and the ability to cancel at any time.

This isn’t to say that our other top picks aren’t also great options – each has its winning benefits, which helped them make it onto this list. 

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Can You Buy Crypto With a Credit Card? –



Can You Buy Crypto With a Credit Card?

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Ask Gareth Shaw: ‘I’m scared I’ll get rejected for credit card because of mistakes I made in the past’



‘Credit-builder’ cards can be used to demonstrate that you are a responsible borrower

Answer: Well done to you for getting back on your financial feet. Climbing your way out of debt is a marathon – it takes sacrifices and planning, so you’ve taken some really important steps in your financial journey.

The good news is that the negative information – the records of missed payments, defaults and even county court judgments – won’t stay on your credit report forever. Details of your late payments can be viewed for six years after they were settled. Searches and rejections of credit typically disappear after 12 months. So this dark cloud won’t hang over you forever.

Sign up to our Opinion newsletter

Sign up to our Opinion newsletter

Before we talk about applying for credit again, there are steps you can take to improve your credit health. Firstly, you should review your credit reports and make sure there are no errors that could be holding your score back. You can get your credit report for free from each of the three credit reference agencies – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian – and can ask them to investigate errors. Lenders and credit reference agencies have 28 days to respond to disputes.

Registering to vote by getting on the electoral roll can boost your credit score, while you may even be able to add the record of your monthly rent payments to your credit score by asking your landlord to report rental payments to firms like The Rental Exchange, CreditLadder or Canopy.

Experian has launched a new tool that allows you to share information about your banking habits and subscriptions – information which is not traditionally factored into your credit score – in order to increase your score. That means paying your council tax or even paying for Netflix and Amazon Prime could give your score a boost.

If you still want a credit card, your choice is likely to be limited to a particular set of cards designed for people with poor or ‘thin’ credit histories. These are known as ‘credit-builder’ cards, or sometimes ‘bad credit’ cards.

These cards have higher interest rates compared to the most competitive products in the market, to reflect the risk that a lender is taking in by providing credit to someone with a history of repayment problems. You can expect to find an APR of around 29 per cent. They also have lower limits, so when you apply, don’t be surprised to find that the lender will initially only give you £250 to £500.

However, these cards can be used to demonstrate that you are a responsible borrower, can repay on time and stay within your credit limit.

Here’s the golden rule – avoid borrowing money on these credit cards. Purchases tend to be interest-free for 55 days, after which you’ll be charged a considerable amount of interest. So limit the use of these cards, and when you do use them, try to pay them off in full. If you don’t pay on time, you will lose any promotional offer, be hit with a fee and your provider will report your missed payment to the credit reference agencies, reversing any good work you might have done. Set up a direct debit to ensure that your minimum payments are met in advance of the credit card payment date.

When you apply, use an eligibility checker first. This will ask for some basic information and carry out a ‘soft search’ on your credit file, returning a list of cards and the probability of your application being successful. That would be a helpful guide to find a card that is likely to accept you.

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Credit Repair Services Market to Scale New Heights as Market



Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Services

A Latest intelligence report published by AMA Research with title “Credit Repair Services Market Outlook to 2026.A detailed study accumulated to offer Latest insights about acute features of the Global Credit Repair Services market. This report provides a detailed overview of key factors in the Credit Repair Services Market and factors such as driver, restraint, past and current trends, regulatory scenarios and technology development. A thorough analysis of these factors including economic slowdown, local & global reforms and COVID-19 Impact has been conducted to determine future growth prospects in the global market.

Free Sample Report + All Related Graphs & Charts @:

Credit repair services is known as a kind of service to remove negative items from credit reports like late payments, foreclosures, liens, repossessions, and more. Credit repair normally involves fixing the bad credit in any of the way, shape or form. Credit repair is the best option if anyone is thinking about applying for finance in near future. This can make it much easier to attain the loan at the wanted rate. This will also increase the chances of being approved in the first place. The market of Credit Repair Services is mainly driven due to the escalating number of small size and large size organizations, rising focus on the safety & security related to financial documents of the company and strict norms and policies framed by government considering disclosure of the taxation and financial documents considering to the global scenario. Also, Lack of Skilled Professional is hampering the total market growth. Some of the Mandatory Norms & Policies framed by Governments related to the disclosure of Taxation and Financial Documents are creating lucrative growth opportunities for market growth.

Major Players in This Report Include,
Lexington Law (United States), (United States),Sky Blue Credit Repair (United States),The Credit People (United States),Experian PLC (Ireland),Ovation (United States),MyCreditGroup (United States),Veracity Credit Consultants (United States),MSI Credit Solutions (United States),The Credit Pros (United States),Pyramid Credit Repair (United States)

Keep yourself up-to-date with latest market trends and changing dynamics due to COVID Impact and Economic Slowdown globally. Maintain a competitive edge by sizing up with available business opportunity in Credit Repair Services Market various segments and emerging territory.

Market Trends:
• Personalization in the Credit Repair Services

Market Drivers:
• A Growing Number of Large Size and Small Size Organizations
• Rising Focus on Safety & Security-Related To Company’s Financial Documents

Market Opportunities:
• Mandatory Norms & Policies Related To Disclosure of Taxation and Financial Documents Creating Lucrative Growth Opportunities

The Global Credit Repair Services Market segments and Market Data Break Down are illuminated below:
by Application (Private, Enterprise), Service Mode (Online, Offline)

Credit Repair Services the manufacturing cost structure analysis of the market is based on the core chain structure, engineering process, raw materials and suppliers. The manufacturing plant has been developed for market needs and new technology development. In addition, Credit Repair Services Market attractiveness according to country, end-user, and other measures is also provided, permitting the reader to gauge the most useful or commercial areas for investments. The study also provides special chapter designed (qualitative) to highlights issues faced by industry players in their production cycle and supply chain. However overall estimates and sizing, various tables and graphs presented in the study gives and impression how big is the impact of PANDEMIC.

Enquire for customization in Report @:

Geographically World Credit Repair Services markets can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa and Latin America. North America has gained a leading position in the global market and is expected to remain in place for years to come. The growing demand for Credit Repair Services markets will drive growth in the North American market over the next few years.

Report Highlights:
• Comprehensive overview of parent market& substitute market
• Changing market dynamics in the industry (COVID & Economic Impact Analysis)
• In-depth market segmentation (Trends, Growth with Historical & Forecast Analysis)
• Recent industry trends and development activity
• Competitive landscape (Heat Map Analysis for Emerging Players & Market Share Analysis for Major Players along with detailed Profiles)

Strategic Points Covered in Table of Content of Global Credit Repair Services Market:
• Chapter 1 – Executive Summary
• Chapter 2 – COVID-19 Impacts on Credit Repair Services Market
• Chapter 3 – Credit Repair Services Market – Type Analysis
• Chapter 4 – Credit Repair Services Market – Application/End-User Analysis
• Chapter 5 – Credit Repair Services Market – Geographical Analysis
• Chapter 6 – Credit Repair Services Market – Competitive Analysis
• Chapter 7 – Company Profiles
• Chapter 8 – Credit Repair Services Industry Analysis
• Chapter 9 – Industrial Chain, Downstream Buyers, and Sourcing Strategy
• Chapter 10 – Marketing Strategy Analysis
• Chapter 11 – Report Conclusion and Key Insights
• Chapter 12 – Research Approach and Methodology

Buy this research @

Key questions answered
• Who are the Leading key players and what are their Key Business plans in the Credit Repair Services market?
• What are the key concerns of the five forces analysis of the Credit Repair Services market?
• What are different prospects and threats faced by the dealers in the Credit Repair Services market?
• What possible measures players are taking to overcome and stabilize the situation?

Thanks for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe or LATAM, Asia.

Craig Francis (PR & Marketing Manager)
AMA Research & Media LLP
Unit No. 429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ
New Jersey USA – 08837
Phone: +1 (206) 317 1218
[email protected]

About Author:
Advance Market Analytics is Global leaders of Market Research Industry provides the quantified B2B research to Fortune 500 companies on high growth emerging opportunities which will impact more than 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues.
Our Analyst is tracking high growth study with detailed statistical and in-depth analysis of market trends & dynamics that provide a complete overview of the industry. We follow an extensive research methodology coupled with critical insights related industry factors and market forces to generate the best value for our clients. We Provides reliable primary and secondary data sources, our analysts and consultants derive informative and usable data suited for our clients business needs. The research study enables clients to meet varied market objectives a from global footprint expansion to supply chain optimization and from competitor profiling to M&As.

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