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Bad Credit

7 Best Credit Restoration Strategies & Services



Having a good credit rating is very important. It can impact your ability to get a job, an apartment, have utilities turned on in your name, get a credit card, buy a car or a home and many other things people do every day. But a bad credit rating does not have to permanent. So if you have done things in the past that resulted in you having a bad credit rating, there are a number of steps you can take right now to improve and restore your credit.

Good Credit is More Important Than Ever

Having a great credit rating is more important than ever. You may not even know which people and organizations are basing their decisions on if to do business with you based on your credit score and your credit rating. That’s why if your credit rating is bad, it is essential that you do all you can to improve it. Credit repair and restoration takes a little time, so the sooner you begin the process the faster and easier it will be to begin enjoying the results. Here are a few very helpful and important credit restoration strategies and services that are available to you.

1. Have Errors Removed From Your Credit Reports

The easiest and quickest way to improve your credit rating is to get copies of your credit reports from the credit reporting companies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, go over them carefully and remove any errors you find. The U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act states a person’s credit report should only contain information that is timely and accurate. You have a right to make the credit reporting companies remove all inaccurate information from your credit file. You can request the errors be removed by each credit agency online using forms available on their websites.

Each year you can get free copies of your credit reports. Review them. If there is any evidence of fraudulent activity or old information that should have been removed, you can contact the credit reporting agencies and request the information be removed. It takes about 30 days for them to investigate and remove the errors you dispute. You are not penalized for negative history associated with the errors. Removing them improves your credit score.

2. Make Your Payments On Time

Another way you can restore and improve your credit rating is to pay all of your bills and debts on time. Payment history is the most important factor impacting your credit score. Repeatedly paying your bills late or missing debt payments is the fastest and most common way you can hurt your credit score and be seen as a bad credit risk. When you pay your bills on or before their due date, you credit rating gradually increases.

Your credit score can range between 300 and 850 on the VantageScores and FICO Scores credit scoring models. The higher the score the better.

If you are serious about improving your credit rating, always making payments on time is key. Do that, in a few months your credit rating will begin to improve steadily.

3. Reduce Your Credit Utilization

When trying to improve your credit rating, it helps to reduce your credit utilization ratio. That is how much you can borrow compared to how much you owe. It’s second only to payment history when calculating your credit score. To improve your credit rating, keep your credit utilization ratio as low as possible. Don’t accept or use every credit card or store line of credit you are offered if you want to improve your credit rating.

Not carrying any credit card debt helps to increase your credit rating. If you can’t do that, keep your balance less than 30% of the total credit limit you have.

4. Pay Down High Balances

To improve your credit rating, pay down your debt to reduce any high balances you have. The goal is to keep 70% or more of any line of credit you have open. There are several creative methods for lowering maxed-out lines of credit, credit card accounts and your credit utilization ratio if you don’t have much cash. They include getting a new credit and always paying off the entire balance and asking your credit card companies to raise your credit limits. This can instantly improve your credit utilization ratio.

5. Become An Authorized User

Convincing a generous, trusting family member or friend with great credit to make you an authorized user on one of their well-managed credit accounts they use frequently, that has no carried over debt and a perfect payment history can instantly improve your credit rating. Even if you never use the new credit card issued from the account, it is listed on your credit report and that of the original account owner. One downside is if the primary cardholder maxes-out their credit limit or begins missing payments. This will hurt your credit rating.

Being an authorized user of a credit account with an excellent payment record gives you
more spending power and improves your credit rating. However, you will only be able to
have the limited use of the credit account to which the primary cardholder agrees.

6. Sign Up To Get Experian Boost

Experian, a top credit reporting agency, lets you enroll in a new program where you can
add mobile phone and utility bill payments to your credit report. This new program is called Experian Boost. Sign up for it and any payments made on your regular expenses is included when your FICO Score is calculated. About 75% of consumers who have a credit score that’s below 680 saw it improve when they used Experian Boost. Signing up for the Experian Boost program is free. However, users must verify they have a positive bill payment history with a linked bank account.

The average person using the Experian Boost program has seen their FICO Scores go up by
14 points. This may be just the boost needed to move your credit score into a better

7. Use Only Credit Restoration Companies With High Ratings

Should your credit report contain errors and you don’t feel comfortable disputing them with the credit reporting companies, get professional help. Contact a credit repair company with a reputation for being trustworthy and effective that has highly skilled, well-trained, experienced staff. They will do the work required to contest incorrect information that is on your credit report. All you will have to do is identify which information on your credit report is erroneous. Highly rated companies like Credit Saint and Lexington Law specialize in handling consumer credit issues.

Top Rated Credit Repair Companies

Credit Saint is ranked number one for challenging inaccurate credit data. They will go over your credit report in detail, identify specific items with which you disagree and are damaging your credit rating, remove them and show you several effective techniques for improving your credit report and score.

Lexington Law has provided more results than any other credit repair law firm. Since 2004 they have helped over 500,000 clients repair their credit. In just 2020, they removed more than 9 million negative items from people’s credit reports.

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Bad Credit

Loans Bad Credit Online – Loans Bad Credit Online – PNC Personal loan 2021 Review | Fintech Zoom | Fintech Zoom



Loans Bad Credit Online – Loans Bad Credit Online – PNC Personal loan 2021 Review | Fintech Zoom

Loans Bad Credit Online – PNC Personal loan 2021 Review

Top perks

Low minimum loan amount

Customers can borrow $1,000 to $20,000. That minimum loan amount of $1,000 is unusual in the personal loan industry. A low minimum threshold means you can get the cash you need to cover small emergencies without being tied down to a larger loan.

Wide range of repayment terms

You have between 6 and 60 months to repay the loan. There are pros and cons to longer repayment terms, so this flexibility allows you to customize your term to your situation.. With PNC, you have the option of designing a repayment plan that fits your monthly budget.

Joint applicants welcome

Whether you need a joint applicant’s high credit score to qualify for a lower loan interest rate or someone has decided to co-assume responsibility for a personal loan, PNC allows for joint applicants.

What could be improved

Terms depend on location

The first thing you will be asked is where you live. On its loan homepage, PNC states that “PNC product and feature availability varies by location.” While this may be good news for borrowers in some areas of the country, it could be bad for others. You’ll need to see what it means for you.

Lowest interest rate reserved

If you’re looking to borrow enough to make repairs to your roof or buy a new furnace, you might not borrow enough to qualify for PNC’s lowest advertised interest rate. That’s because that low interest rate is reserved for those borrowing more money. For example, PNC will automatically assign a $5,000 loan a higher interest rate than a $15,000 loan.

Loans Bad Credit Online – PNC Personal loan 2021 Review

Tags: Loans Bad Credit Online

Loans Bad Credit Online – Loans Bad Credit Online – PNC Personal loan 2021 Review | Fintech Zoom

Tags: Loans Bad Credit Online


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Bad Credit

Loans Bad Credit Online – Badger Advisors Gets Bad Review For Credit Card Refinancing | Fintech Zoom



Loans Bad Credit Online – Badger Advisors Gets Bad Review For Credit Card Refinancing

Editorial Credit: Djomas

Badger Advisors wants you to believe they are offering credit card refinancing and have begun flooding the market with debt consolidation and credit card relief offers. The problem is that the terms and conditions are at the very least confusing, and possibly even suspect. The interest rates are so low that you would have to have near-perfect credit to be approved for one of their offers. Best 2021 Reviews, the personal finance review site, has been following Badger Advisors, Rockville Advisors, Old Dominion Associates, Sooner Partners, Snowbird Partners, Gulf Street Advisors, Memphis Associates, Safe Path Advisors, Plymouth Associates, Tate Funding, Braidwood Capital, Tiffany Funding, Nickel Advisors, Coral Funding, Neon Funding, Polk Partners, Ladder Advisors (also known as Carina Advisors, Corey Advisors, Pennon Partners, Jayhawk Advisors, Clay Advisors, Colony Associates, and Pine Advisors, etc.).

Editorial Credit: Ollyy

Credit Card Refinancing

Credit card refinancing is a possibly feasible solution for your piling credit card debt. Under credit card refinancing, all of your credit card balances go into one account where a single interest rate is charged. If you have a good enough credit score, then you may be able to qualify for credit card refinancing at low-interest rates. Just like other refinance options, credit card refinancing also entails a loan offer to pay off your debts and improve your financial health. You will then have to focus on the credit card refinancing loan only and no other credit card balance.

Another major advantage of credit card refinancing is that the interest rate will not vary over the lifecycle of the loan. This will simplify your life a lot and make debt servicing much easier since you will know how long it will take for you to pay back your loan. With variable interest rates that you often find in credit cards, you can end up incurring higher interest expenses. But with a fixed interest rate that credit card refinancing purveys, you will not have to face this unwelcome possibility.

With the right kind of credit card refinancing loan, you can possibly save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on interest expenses this way. Of course, you will have to be punctual with your monthly repayments. If the terms and conditions of your credit card refinancing loan are favorable then you may very well embark on the road to financial freedom and get there before you know it.

Is There Any Difference Between Credit Card Refinancing and Debt Consolidation?

From the aforementioned discourse, you may have realized that credit card refinancing is very similar to debt consolidation and that indeed is the case. Both are about settling all debts with one favorable loan so that you can focus on this loan only and enjoy its lenient terms and conditions to rebuild your credit score and gradually work your way towards debt freedom.

Provided the terms and conditions of your credit card refinancing loans are suitable, this financial option represents a viable route for managing and paying off your outstanding liabilities in a better way.

Why Credit Card Refinancing loan May be Better

A credit card refinancing loan may be a better choice than a balance transfer card. The idea of a balance transfer card is to take advantage of the zero APR introductory period that usually lasts from 12 to 18 months. However, there are a few caveats due to which a balance transfer card may not exactly be a good idea.

The zero APR period may look tempting but it still may not be long enough to pay off your entire credit card debt. And that is unfortunate because once the zero APR limit expires then you will have to pay very high interest and you may even incur penalties. Then there is the question of balance transfer fees that can offset the advantages of the zero APR time frame.

Another problem is that the credit limit of the balance transfer credit card may not be big enough to accommodate all of your credit card balances. This is a real possibility since your credit card debt is high to begin with and it may not fit within the credit limit of the balance transfer card.

Then there is the danger of spending with the balance transfer credit card. The inability to control spending and use of credit cards is the very reason why people fall into credit card debt traps in the first place. This possibility is very much open and present with balance transfer cards. Instead of helping you, they may worsen your debt situation since they too are credit cards that are all too easy to misuse. What’s worse, they have exorbitant interest rates.

Such a scenario cannot transpire with a credit card refinancing loan since it is not a credit line – this loan immediately goes towards paying off your credit card balances due to which there is no peril of misuse. Instead of getting another credit card in the shape of a balance transfer card it is much safer to freeze all of your cards and repay your debts.

If you do your research on credit card refinancing then you might find that some people also include balance transfer credit cards under this heading. But due to the drawbacks mentioned above, you should try to steer clear of balance credit cards and instead take out a personal loan for the sole purpose of repaying your credit card debts.

The prime advantage of credit card refinancing is that they can provide you with a low interest rate if you have a good enough credit score.

How to Make Credit Card Refinancing a Success

While credit card refinancing provides good terms and conditions, it is not a magic elixir that will cure all of your financial woes.

To make your credit card refinancing a success, you will have to follow some good money habits and exercise discipline at the same time.

You should try to find extra sources of income. You can think about working overtime at your job if that is possible. If not, you can opt for freelancing gigs and projects. Even if you earn a few hundred dollars through this route each month, it will prove to be of great assistance in helping you become debt-free more quickly.

You should also think up ways of saving on expenses. A major reason why consumers incur enormous debts is that they do not track their spending. This is a habit that you must remedy forthwith if you wish to get out of your financial predicament quickly. No matter how little your expense, make sure you record it somewhere secure. You can utilize apps to record your transactions. Thus, you will know the areas on which your spending is inordinate. You will also be able to compare your spending with your planned budget.

You should get in touch with your financial advisor to find out whether credit card refinancing is right for you.

Loans Bad Credit Online – Badger Advisors Gets Bad Review For Credit Card Refinancing

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Bad Credit

The Pros and Cons of Being an Authorized User on a Credit Card



Having friends has its perks, especially if that friend lets you be an authorized user on their credit card.

If you’re thinking of asking someone you trust to be added as an authorized user on one of their cards, it’s important to know what you’re getting into with this decision. Instead of getting your own credit card, you may be thinking of taking this step so that you have access to a card when you need it. There are advantages and disadvantages to being an authorized user. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of being an authorized user on a credit card.

What is an authorized user?

An authorized user is someone who has permission to use a credit card account. While they’re legally able to use the credit card, they’re not responsible for paying off the credit card debt. Most top credit card issuers allow their cardholders to add an authorized user to their account.

Can anyone be added as an authorized user?

Most credit card issuers have age requirements in place for authorized users. Other than that, there aren’t restrictions.

The pros of being an authorized user

Being an authorized user on a credit card has its advantages:

  • This can help build credit. For someone with little or no credit, being added as an authorized user can help them build a good credit score. That’s because many credit card companies report the history of the account on an authorized user’s credit report. This can be helpful in the future when you attempt to open your own credit card account.
  • It gives a person access to a credit card. With poor credit history or a bad credit score, it can be challenging to get a credit card. Being added as an authorized user can give you access to a credit card, which can be especially helpful during an emergency.
  • You can learn how to manage money. Being an authorized user is a great way to learn how to manage money better. You can learn how to make smart financial decisions before opening your own credit account.

The cons of being an authorized user

Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • The account holder’s actions can negatively impact your credit. If the credit cardholder misses payments or racks up a lot of debt on the card, it could negatively impact your credit. Before being added as an authorized user, it’s a smart idea to consider whether the credit cardholder is financially responsible.
  • They can remove you at any time. The credit cardholder can remove you as an authorized user at any time. When this happens, that account will no longer appear on your credit report. This is something to consider if you want to build your credit.
  • It could cause relationship issues. If you and the cardholder disagree about which charges you’ve made or how much you owe them, this could cause added stress and could lead to relationship issues. Consider setting clear boundaries and ways to track purchases made so that you minimize disagreements or confusion.

The bottom line

Being added as an authorized user may be a good option for you. But, you need to be well aware of the positives and negatives. Talk with someone you trust about this opportunity and outline expectations and rules. Then you can both decide if it’s the right move to make.

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